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Lillian Muller

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Lillian Muller is a vegan actress, model

Birthday: August 19, 1951
Birth Place: Norway

Website: http://www.lillianmuller.com

Lillian Müller is an actress, Playboy Playmate of the Year, and has been in Van Halen's Rock Music Video. Also, she's an inspirational speaker on the topics of health, fitness and anti aging. Mother of a 22 year old Daughter who's born and raised in the vegan life style. She's a celebrity dancer of Norway's 2012 "Dancing With The Stars", Page 3 Girl London Sun (x5), Playboy's #1 Playmate Of The Year Cover Girl (x8), Female Star of Rod Stuart's "If You Think I'm Sexy", PETA PRIME'S 2010 "Sexiest Vegetarian Woman Over 50", author of "Feel Great Be Beautiful Over 40", and Vegan for 34 years as of 2013.


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