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Kaley Cuoco

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Kaley Cuoco is a vegan Actress

Birthday: November 30, 1985
Birth Place: Camarillo, California

American actress who plays Penny on the CBS comedy series The Big Bang Theory (2007–present).


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"Kaley Cuoco is a vegan Actress". Not if she rides, she's not. ESPECIALLY if she uses leather saddles, bridles, etc. Not a Happy Cow if it's across a horse's back. She's Plant Based. Also, I heard she's only vegetarian so she's not even plant based then. I will never understand rich vegetarians. They have all that money to have chef cook 100% vegan for them. Seriously, it either matters to them or it doesn't. I still love her and Big Bang...of course.

sorry but i am a vegan and i ride horses and have leather saddles and bridles. all my horses are rescues and all the saddles i bought were used and i try to buy non leather items whenever i can. my horses have been through hell before i got them from abuse to negect.... some of the good horse products are made in leather because it is the best for the animal and synthetic crap does more damage to the horse including it;s back with synthetic saddles and skin an fur..... some things as vegans are better left untouched and that goes to me riding my horses. they are domesticated animals that were rescued from a slaughterhouse feed lot.... i rescue domesticated horses that were dumped in the desert by dumb asses that thought they could live naturally as a horse and just follow a trail of wild horses and join the herd only to be almost killed by a wild stallion. domesticated horses can't keep up with a wild herd they end up dying and in agony and pain that is if wild stallions do not kill them first. if i would not ride my 30 year old arthritic mare with ringbone at least a half an hour here or there she would be in a world of more hurt than ever possible. so before you condemn other vegans for riding and rescuing horses or using a leather bridle that is more comfortable to wear for the horse than nylon and that does irritate the skin educate yourself before you open you mouth. you are just plain ignorant and a moron and obviously have not the fucking foggiest idea what it takes to care for a horse or what the hell you are talking about. we make choices and my choices are in the animals best interest be it wild mustang or inbred domesticated fluffy butt show horse. and no they are not the same. a mustang is way more different from you race horse or walking horse. so please do the animal world a favor and educate yourself before you spew off this garbage.

excercise and weight barring can be as important to a horse as it is for a human being. so you are trying to say horses should never be ridden? after humans inbreeding them for hundreds of years and refining the races of different horse breeds? let me guess you let a chihuahua run with a pack of wolfs too because it is natural and they would never eat him and you want him to be free? you are what is wrong with the vegan world. learn to pick your battles riding horses isn't..... it's factory farming is and stacking pigs in gastations crates and animals abuse but trust me riding a horse isn't .

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