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Jonathan Safran Foer

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Jonathan Safran Foer is a vegetarian author

Birth Place: Washington, D.C.
Veg Source: Martha Stewart show

Website: http://www.eatinganimals.com

Jonathan's full name is Jonathan Safran Foer. He is most famous for writing "Everything is Illuminated," (his first novel) that was made into a movie starring Elijah Wood recently. He won various international awards for his first novel, and his second novel "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close," was also highly acclaimed. "Eating Animals," which just came out Nov. 2, 2009, is his 3rd book and 1st non-fiction work. He devoted 3 years of his life to researching modern industrial agriculture, factory farms, environmental impacts of animal husbandry, the public health as related to factory farming, just everything you can imagine concerning today's consumption of animal products.


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