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Johnny Cash

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Johnny Cash was has been rumored to be a vegetarian musician - country music

Johnny Cash, now deceased, is an American singer, songwriter, and he played guitar. He has a very deep voice. In the 2000s, his life was portrayed in the movie, Walk the Line. Cash was married to June Carter and together, they had 2 daughters.


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I suspect he only became vegetarian late in life, and then only for health reasons, as he suffered from diabetes. I was recently thumbing through a book about the Cash household and Cash/Carter families, and their kitchen was certainly not flesh-free.

Much as I admire Johnny Cash I have to disagree with this. Animal welfare wasn't high on his list of priorities. He was an avid hunter. There's even a video of him hunting which you'll find online if you do a search for "Johnny Cash hunting". This was on a DVD too. I actually decided not to buy the DVD solely because I didn't want to see him shooting animals. I agree with the person that said he probably became a vegetarian due to health reasons. Even then I suspect it was just certain meats that he didn't eat. The doctor probably told him to cut out red meat a year or so before he died or something. Much as I'd like it if all my musical heroes had been vegetarians, in the case of Johnny Cash it simply isn't true.

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