Gillian Anderson is rumored to be a vegetarian actress

Birthday: August 9, 1968
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois

Best known for her roles as Dana Scully of The X-Files.

No online recent sources, but seems she likes to eat healthy but isn't a vegan/vegetarian. Send details to us if you find any.



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Posted on 21 Jul 2020

Hi tomahola, that's a really old article. Since I couldn't find anything recent it's now changed to "Rumored" until someone sends more info. Thanks.


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Posted on 20 Jul 2020

According to the source below she likes pea & ham soup in 2014. (Ham is not veg)
ASK ME ANYTHING (AMA): October 12, 2014

happyaccount55 - Gillian what's your favourite soup?
Gillian Anderson - Oh, I like soup. A good pea and ham.


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Posted on 17 Nov 2008

A HappyCow visitor wrote us that he contacted Gillian's fan website and got this reply:

"Dear Dasha,
The information you read is incorrect. Gillian is NOT a Vegan nor a vegetarian.
Best wishes,
The Official Gillian Anderson Web Site"
- does anyone have any other sources?

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