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Demi Moore

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Demi Moore is has been rumored to be a vegetarian actress and raw foodist

Demi Moore started acting in the United States in her early twenties. She was once married to actor Bruce Willis, and together, they have a few children. Moore resides in Southern California and is interested in health and beauty. She has been known to eat a raw food diet at times, exercised regularly, and even sought out acupuncture therapy. Demi Moore is dating actor Ashton Kutchner.


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just because she's wearing fur does not mean she's a bad person... get over yourself... though i'm a vegan and don't wear fur nor believe in it, i know its wrong to pass judgements on people for it... there's plenty reasons to be a raw foodist/vegan/vegetarian besides just animal cruelty and you should not judge people for not having your own beliefs... especially saying they're not a good person because they wear something in particular... a lot of priests have tons of leather objects, does that make them bad people? don't think so... that said, she at least was a raw foodist because david wolfe was her nutritionist... soo i'd say she's probably at least a veggie still.

I understand what you say here about people having choices but it\'s even better if we can make the right ones, don\'t you think? I don\'t think there\'s really any need for leather, suede, fur, ivory etc when we have the brain power to create intelligently designed products

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