Cyndi Lauper is rumored to be a vegetarian singer

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Vegan Tony

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Posted on 13 Feb 2010

I did a google search for " Cyndi Lauper vegetarian " and found an article from January 28, 2008 in Woman's Day magazine called "Cyndi Lauper: I'm still having fun"

Here is part of the article:


OK, what is your favourite thing to cook?

[Cyndi Lauper]:
Well one day when I was in Canada I had dinner at a guy's place who didn't like to work but he hunted. One day he comes home with a squirrel and asked me if I could cook it. Well, being Italian, I was put in the kitchen at eight years old and I was cleaning chickens and all sorts. My ma worked so everyone had their chores. So anyway, I had to clean this squirrel and take the head off and everything and I thought, how do I do it? So I cleaned the squirrel the same way I would clean a fish and made a pasta sauce out of it. It was quite good but when everyone was around the table saying, "That was delicious, what kind of meat was that?" So I said it was chicken. They didn't believe me so when I showed them the pelt they got really mad at me. I made "squirrel-ognese". [laughs]

Have you eaten squirrel since?

[Cyndi Lauper]:
No, I haven't. I went vegetarian for a while but now I eat meat again.


Full Article:

Proud Vegan Becka

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Posted on 03 Feb 2009

I love her music.
If she is a vegetarian that would be even better, I would love her more!

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