Chrissie Hynde is a vegan singer of The Pretenders

Birth place: Akron, Ohio

Chrissie Hynde is the front woman of the band, The Prentenders. She sings and plays the guitar.

Hynde is a long time vegetarian and an advocate of animal rights.

In late 2007, Hynde opened her very own vegetarian restaurants in Akron, Ohio, called "Vegiterranean."

(maybe not vegan anymore as of 7/2017- please let HappyCow know)



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Posted on 17 Aug 2023

She consumes and promotes milk products. Just look at this photo:

Vegan Vipassi

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Posted on 23 Jul 2017

I am so disillusioned to find out that she is not a vegan as she supports, promotes and perhaps also consumes dairy. Another hero has fallen.


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Posted on 10 Jul 2012


They're not made using animal skin.
She designs a fashion line with JP Jones made up of these non-leather cloths that have a leather appearance.


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Posted on 23 Nov 2011

She's very cool but does she not wear leather trousers? Or are they imitation?

Avatar KennyCoOp


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Posted on 13 Jul 2009

The best place to eat period in akron.


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Mostly Veg
Posted on 20 Sep 2008

She is awsome and so is her restaurant! I ate there and it is really good and filling food. Even my dad (who isn't veggie) commented on how great everything tasted-we both recommend the fries which are better than any fast food joint. I love her because she could have gone the rich rocker route and opened the"Vegiterranean" in NYC or LA. But she went back to her hometown and opened it. And she is also a big supporter of Akron (where I'm from too) and always makes a point to talk about it wherever she goes. She is a great role model for girls since she sticks to her beliefs and doesn't forget her roots.

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