Chris No2 is a vegan musician - bassist of Anti-Flag

Birth date: May 13, 1980
Birth place: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Chris No2, born Christopher Lee Barker, is the bass player for the American political punk band, Anti-Flag.

Anti-Flag was formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has released six albums on independent record labels. All the band mates say that they are vegetarians. They are supporters of animal rights and PETA.



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Posted on 14 Aug 2021

Long Live Anti-Flag!


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Posted on 11 Jan 2020

Chris is a friend of mine and he is certainly vegan along with his wife. I cannot speak to the other band members though as I haven't really chatted with them much.

Avatar Amanda R

Amanda R

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Posted on 03 Aug 2009

I love Chris and Anti-Flag so much it's ridiculous.

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