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Barry White

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Barry White was a vegan musician

Lived: September 12, 1944-July 4, 2003
Birth Place: Galveston, Texas



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What is your source? I cannot find any notable sources saying he was vegan. If he was vegan during his lifetime, do you know for how long? No disrespect, but he seemed rather on the large side to have been a long term vegan.

just wondering if you're trying to prove him as not vegan b/c i've seen you question this on diff sites...the man was nearly 6'4" so imho, he's expected to be pretty big and the best i could find on here was that he was only 300lbs...he also had issues with elevated BP so it's possible there was a lot of water retention? i don't personally know many vegans beside myself but i'm sure there are other 'large' sized vegans as there are painfully thin's not always about what you do or don't my experience it's always been about how MUCH is eaten/how many calories are taken in...

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Haven't a clue whether he was or was not a vegan let alone a veggie, but it always amazes me when on finding out that I'm vegetarian their usual response is 'so that's why you're so thin', like I was 30 stone when I ate meat!! I have always maintained a very similar body shape both when a carnivore and now as a vegetarian of 20 years.

The wikipedia page says he was lifelong over weight, eventually diabetes and high blood pressure caught up with him and he died at age 58. It's possible he tried to adopt a healthier diet near the end of his life but perhaps it was too late or not enough.

I too would like to see a source sited. It's a shame that there are so many inaccuracies on the list of Famous Vegans and Vegetarians. I tried to find references online that would provide some insight about Barry White but could find none other than blogs. I know this is an old thread but if anyone out there has something to contribute to this convo I'd be very interested!

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