Ariana Huffington is a vegetarian writer, polictical activist

Birth date: July 15, 1950
Birth place: Athens, Greece



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Posted on 07 Apr 2014

Seems to me a lot of people came to America from Europe about 500 years ago and told a lot of people how to live.
Pot calling kettle, I'd say.

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Posted on 21 May 2011

Never assume that because somebody is a vegetarian, that they have their ducks in a row. Vegetarians attract a lot of political cronies and fakes. Hitler was a vegetarian. Anybody can be a vegetarian. I was a vegetarian in 1973, and a green earth organic fruitcake way before Arianna Huffington ever gave up lamb. Arianna Huffington is a woman from Greece, who found fame and fortune in the United States, and then decided she would start making up the rules. She got under my skin a long time ago. I dislike people who just show up in the United States and suddenly they start telling the rest of us what we should think, and how we should act. She didn't grow up here. She grew up in Greece.

I was just banned from her Huffington Post website because I called her Eurotrash and told her to go home to Greece. I was testing her ability to tolerate heavy criticism, something we endorse here as freedom of the press and speech.

She failed. She's a cow - that's why she's a vegetarian.

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