Serves meat, vegan options available. Restaurant inside Villa Sandra Hostel. Offers local and international organic dishes. Most dishes are vegan or can be veganised. Hosts live music. Reported to serve meat May 2022. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by fguarachi


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25 Apr 2023

Good food nice place

Had a few veggie options. Had a lovely pad Thai and vegetable spring rolls. Nice reggae vibe



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17 Apr 2023

Great atmosphere

Nice quiet place, feel like your tucked away from the hustle and bustle.. good selection of vegan options, fresh and tasty, friendly staff.


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11 Jan 2023


All good, but just not my taste.

Pros: Nice staff , Fresh homemade dishes , Decent prices


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21 Dec 2022

Selection of vegan options

Food was decent. Surprised though that when we ordered vegan options, they still asked if we wanted eggs or mayonnaise in our dishes. Uses tvp style mince.


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19 Dec 2022

Lovely spot

Shame they didnt have many more vegan options, most were indeed veggie, so be sure to specialise what you want/need. Highly recommend the mushroom adobo or vegan sisig, no mayo and no egg, can change the egg for more mushrooms and it works really well😍


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08 Jan 2022

No-longer vegetarian

This seems to be under new ownership and the menu is now mainly meat based. There are four vegetarian snack options - I had the vegetarian samosas which were more like empanadas but quite tasty. My partner had a chop suey… which initially came with chicken.

That said there are very few options left on Malapascua so this maybe a reasonable lunch time option.

Pros: Four vegan snack options

Cons: No main course vegetarian or vegan options


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30 Aug 2020

El mejor sitio de Malapascua para cenar

Es el mejor sitio de la isla. Hay un buen rollo increíble. Música en directo cada día y mucho más. Comida vegetariana o vegana excelente. Siempre está a tope de gente. La decoración es fantástica. Te sirven agua gratis si lo deseas. Cuando hay luna llena, organiza un una excursión a una isla espiritual, si te interesa, pregunta por ello allí mismo.

Pros: Comida excelente, Buen ambiente, Música en directo


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31 Jan 2020

Great food and atmosphere

Loved this place. We returned a few times during our stay. The prices are great and portions are big. The Khao Soi and Pad Thai were my favorites! They are willing to make any dish vegan vegetarian, just tell them whether you are vegan or vegetarian

Pros: Live music, Great prices


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12 Nov 2019

Lo mejor es el ambiente

Durante nuestra estancia en Malapascua fuimos varias veces a Villa Sandra. Tomamos desayuno, almuerzo y cena y probamos muchos platos de la carta. La comida es muy sabrosa, tienen opciones vegetarianas, veganas y veganizables. La última vez que fui tuve una mala experiencia, ya que tuve que cambiar hasta cuatro veces mi opción de cena ya que no tenían algunos platos disponibles. Otra cosa que me gustaría resaltar es que el sabor de los platos puede cambiar mucho en días diferentes o incluso en el mismo día. El servicio es amable, no obstante creo que podría mejorar. Lo mejor del restaurant es el ambiente, es muy relajado, tiene muchos puff en el suelo y todas las noches tocan en vivo. Lo recomendaría.


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16 Oct 2019

Great food, great energy

I was staying at Villa Sandra and chose it for their eco ethos and veggie / vegan restaurant. It’s hard to find great vegan food in the Philippines and VS ticked boxes for me. There’s such a great vibe here and I ended up eating here for pretty much every meal during my stay because I loved it so much. The menu is diverse and I never had a complaint. Staff were always so, so friendly and in the evenings, they play live music from 7 which is perfect for a chilled and fun evening. It wasn’t just veggies / vegans that ate here, a few people in the hostel were meat eaters and loved the food all the same. There’s a good mix of Filipino national dishes and some westernised options. Come here, it’s great!

Pros: Great food , Awesome vibe, Friendly staff


16 Oct 2019


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05 Oct 2019

An unexpected delight

I went to the Phillipines with low expectations of vegan food (based on what I had heard). Villa Sandra was beyond any expectations I could have had and is one of the nicest vegetarian restaurants I have been to anywhere.

After eating there several times during my stay on Malapascua, I can safely say that everything on the menu is delicious, cooked fresh and made with lots of healthy, local ingredients.

This is also a really nice place to sit and relax with the added bonus of live music and jam sessions most nights.


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04 Oct 2019

Delightful haven

First of all Malapascua doesn't accurately reflect the general dietary standards of the Philippines, it's a world onto itself.

Finding somewhere like Villa Sandra was both unexpected and therefore surreptitious.

We were diving around the island for five days, we spent four of those days eating at VS.

The vegan options are abundant and clearly labeled. The food is very much homemade.

Top dishes:
Samosa pies (the chutney is astonishingly good).
The Monggo curry.
The Overload burger.
The juices are noteworthy too, especially the organic juice.

The live music (free of charge, no entrance fee) is a huge added bonus.

Pros: Everything


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24 Sep 2019

One of the best parts of my trip

My time in malapascua was probably the best part of my three month trip and villa Sandra had quite a big influence on that! The place super homey and as soon as you walk in your likely to make friends while you eat and drink. All of the food was amazing, I’m pretty sure I ordered vegan shakshuka 3 nights in a row! All of the dishes are creative with a nice touch of local flavors. Definitely recommend!


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14 May 2019


We came here for breakfast and lunch. The place is quite dirty, especially the space with cushions on the floor. The service is really bad. It took ages, did not come at the same time and items were missing. Plus, the waitress stepped on my laptop which was on a cushion. The food is really average and overpriced for what you get. There are many nicer places around with vegan options, though not fully vegetarian. Wouldn’t come back to Villa Sandra.

Pros: Fully vegetarian and many vegan options, No plastic straw

Cons: Bad service, Average food, Overpriced


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31 Mar 2019


Finally a place to get vegan and local food’
Love it!
Tasted both a vegan local dish and the burger! Woauw!

Pros: Almost everything is vegan

Cons: Staff didn’t seems to care.


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04 Feb 2019

Veg/vegan food

Really nice chilled restaurant with cushions and floors tables as well as the normal kind! Love music every night, just really nice atmosphere and vibes! The food is all veg/vegan, but the portions were not big at all, and for the price, I don't think the food is worth it! But I love the fact that they are environmentally aware, not using single use plastics!

Pros: Live music, Chilled vibes, Dogs and cats😄

Cons: Overpriced for what you get, Don't expect to be full from one meal


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30 Jan 2019

I love villa sandra

My mom and I have lived on Malapascua island for two months and this was our favourite restaurant. So you can imagine that we have spent many nights here...

Our favourite dishes:
-vegan green pasta: soooooo creamy!!
- vegan crunchy balls: if you do not specifically ask for vegan ones, they will make it with egg. They used to do difficult about veganising it as the balls fall apart more easily without egg but the new chef is okay with leaving out the egg. My mom is vegetarian, I am vegan she was okay with the egg and ate vegetarian crunchy balls almost every night because she loved them so much. But after having tried it vegan she didn't want the egg anymore. It is way lighter to eat without the egg. So also for vegetarians we reccomend eating the crunhyballs vegan.
- vegan penut ramble
-vegan overloaded taco piza
-mango float (vegetarian only)
- vegan super duper power smoothie (tastes the same as mango float in my opinion)
- vegan samosa pie
-  the rest of the menu

Our first month the dishes were very good. Then they got a new chef and all dishes (except for the pumpkin soup which became to spicy for me)
became even better!

During our stay on Malapascua, they also got a new menu. Before the new menu came it was very unclear which dishes were "vegetarian" and whcih were "vegan" or could be "veganised". And the staff used the word "veggie" for "vegetarian" and "vegan" for "vegan". Very confusing. But it is better since the new menu came.

The music in the evening is amazing, though loud. If you want to have a good conversation over dinner, it is best to go early.

The staff and owner are very sweet people and the dogs, puppies and kitten are even more cute.

They sell some necklaces, bracelets and tons of organic stuff. Profits of this go to their feeding program. Every saturday at 13.00 Villa Sandra is flooded with local kids who make art, music and play around after which they get a free meal (with a little bit of meat). You can attend this feeding program and interact with the kids.

They have, like most places in the Philippines free of charge and plastic free SERVICE WATER although they sell single use plastic bottles as well.

Pfff what else can I say?
I love this place and it's people.
I definately reccomend you to go there.

Pros: All vegetarian, mostly veganisable, Great atmosphere


03 Oct 2019

I totally agree with everything you say about Villa Sandra, spot on!


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27 Jan 2019

Great but really inconsistent

Most of menu can be made vegan, great presentation & usually tastes amazing & served by pleasant staff. However the same menu items from one day to the next could be completely different including taste, portion size & actual ingredients!! First time I had the pumpkin soup I was blown away, so ordered it the next day - completely different & lackluster (& a much smaller portion)... Overall great tho & only totally veg place on the island although find most of the menu a little too egg heavy.

Pros: Most of menu can be made vegan

Cons: Inconsistent, pricey


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21 Nov 2018

Unexpected Awesomeness

We ate all our meals here, vegan friendly plus plus! The ambiance and gentleness of the owner and staff make you feel like family. The food exceeded our expectations.

Pros: Loads of vegan options.

Cons: A backpacking vibe might not be your thang...


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21 Jul 2018

Chill place with nice food

Don’t expect a super fancy place like at the beach side. But that’s the good point about it. A very down-to-earth alternative place which you cannot find often. I had the vegan adobo and my boyfriend the vegan paella. As drinks we had native iced chocolate and robusta coffee. Both were delicious. The adobo was indeed really salty but I like that and my Filipino bf said it was a really good, native adobo ;) and he tried to steal it :P there were some people getting tattooed next to us in the restaurant which was a bit strange but also funny. Well, it’s not my tattoo so I don’t mind about the hygiene ;) will come here again and try the breakfast. Only one star minus because I would feel more comfortable as a vegan if the dishes would be clearly labelled so I don’t have to ask for every dish.

Pros: Many vegan options , Chill atmosphere , Good prices

Cons: No clear labels what is vegan and vegetarian


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02 May 2018

Food with protein!

A bunch of great meals, lots of vegan options. Had beans and chickpeas which I had otherwise been struggling for in my vegan options in the Phillipines


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02 Apr 2018

Go to other places like Bakhaw Kiwi.

Totally disappointed with this place. They should learn some cooking class before serve food to people! I didn’t know that I could find more vegan options in other places nearby... I regret being there so many times!
The atmosphere is like a lounge, a good place to have a beer and meet friends, but not to eat (at least for vegans)... I explain you why...
First of all, they say that it’s everything homemade and organic... not sure...
I asked for a chickpeas and beans curry and what came was some beans, a very small amount of chickpeas in a fake tomato sauce (industrialized, very strong and acid, no way that was homemade). There was NO curry neither mushrooms (which was described in the ingredients list). The carrots that came were totally raw (nobody expects raw vegetables in a curry...) and even the “real” tomatoes pieces were raw... I mean.. they didn’t cook/prepare my food! They only add some already baked beans in a fake tomato sauce, forgot about the mushrooms and CURRY and just heated that with carrots and tomatoes, not enough to cook! You guys know that tomatoes cook very fast, which was not this case... Totally disappointed!
My husband asked for a vegetable paella (it was ok, BUT too salty, and the worst, with Sand?!?!). We complained with the owner and at least he said the cook was new and didn’t allow us to pay.
So we decided to give them a new chance. We went there next day and asked for a green juice (php 30 - weird taste, they say there’s no sugar... I am not sure), and the worst bruschetta (if I can call bruschetta...) of my life. They prepare their own bread, which I thought it would be awesome. The sauce on top was ok but the bread was like a very thick pancake but again not well cooked and very heavy.
Vegan pizza (php 200) is very so so (a lot of industrialized tomato sauce).
Chocolate pancake (php 120): the worst pancake ever. No tasty, no chocolate, only wheat with a fake fruit jam on top, which was terrible.
Vegan burger (php 185): weird (the same kind of bread of the bruschetta!), with lots of fake tomato sauce (like ketchup), not well prepared, not beautiful...

Pros: What was good: pumpkin soup (too salty though), mu


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29 Mar 2018

Regular food

I don’t know why the reviews are that good. We tasted a lot of options in the menu and mostly all of them had something bad about it.. I explain: all of them were too salty, the breads are not well baked and hard to digest, the tomato sauce they use is industrialized with acidic taste, once vegetables came raw, not well cooked and so on.. we only had disappointments! The only good thing is the lounge ambience with good music. You can have much better and also cheaper vegan food eating on street places.


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Mostly Veg
22 Feb 2018

Good but never the same

I'm a little ashamed to admit that 90% of the meals I ate in Malapascua were ordered at Villa Sandra. Food is really nice but the taste can vary a lot, the same exact dish might be very different the next time you order it. For example I ordered a mango shake which was thick, yellow and sweet mango deliciousness but today it was just a watered down pale yellow liquid... Nevertheless, delicious food!

Pros: Cozy setting and delicious food, plenty of differe

Cons: Service(Don't come in a hurry and don't expect the


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02 Nov 2017

best food best vibe!

where to start??
hardly ate anywhere else while on the island after finding this gem!
some of the best food we ate on our 6month travels!
an extensive veggie and vegan menu, all made fresh and with love!
we tried almost everything on the menu over a week, and was never disappointed!
nice chilled reggae vibe, and really lovely people! we got on so well from the minute we met!
beside the food and the vibe, was great to see them helping the community with the youths jam sessions and local charity, not to mention teaching the kids about waste management and recycling!
great place! not to be missed!
with love from barry and jemma x

Pros: good food, big portions, cheap price, chilled vibe's, lovely people, helping the youths learn


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26 May 2017

Hidden Gem

An amazing restaurant, vegan and veggie friendly.
The food here is delicious, all freshly prepared and a reasonable variety of flavours and cuisine.
The atmosphere is very relaxed and reggae style, choice of seating from carved benches to cushions and beanbags!
Its all very eco friendly which is an added bonus, even has reusable straws.
The food is all presented beautifully and the taste certainly doesn't disappoint.
The only negative thing I could say about it is the service which is very slow. However its such a nice place to sit and relax that this really wasn't an issue.
Would highly recommend, I myself will certainly be returning whilst I'm here!

Pros: Delicious Food, Chilled out atmosphere, Very Eco-friendly

Cons: Slow service


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23 May 2017

interesting & delicious

Villa Sandra has a really interesting & varied menu. Lots of delicious fried stuff, but also really nice healthy options. The prices are good, the service very relaxed (be patient!) & a very chilled atmosphere.
The only thing I didn't like was the fact that there is a tank full of poor fish in the middle of the restaurant - not quite cruelty free then!

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