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Pure vegetarian restaurant with an extensive menu of South Indian specialties. Some items have dairy. Offers combo plates, Thali plates, dosas and uthappams. Has breakfast on weekends. Spacious dining room, catering and take-out including "boxed lunch." Open Mon-Thu 11:30am-2:00pm, 5:30pm-9:30pm, Fri-Sun 11:30am-3:00pm, 5:30pm-10:00pm.

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27 Dec 2021

Totally not vegan friendly

App won't let me do 1-star. I had a hard time telling the guy in the phone that I was looking for a vegan combo. I had to go through the listed items one by one. I ordered the idli and vada combo which comes with sambar. I arrive at the restaurant and confirm again. Then I find out the sambar has ghee. I ask to substitute with rasam. But no, that has ghee too. Instead, they'll just give me extra chutney, which isn't the same as dipping your rice cake and fried lentil donut into got soup. Not one bit.

So I have to go to Chaat Bhavan to buy sambar separately, first confirming that it's vegan. They don't have rasam, and they put ghee on them idli (not common). The vada isn't vegan either, but they said they could make it so. So...next time just stick with Udupi Palace -- they're used to vegans and they clearly communicate what's vegan.

And don't go places with only 1 review.

Updated from previous review on 2021-12-27

Pros: Chef nice enough to explain

Cons: Few vegan items, not marked, staff unknowledgeable


17 May 2022

Often I see comments like this one where vegans berate the restaurants because they are not vegan-friendly - and this comment isn't even one of the worst. Well, guess what - this is a vegetarian restaurant, not a vegan one. They don't advertise or pretend to be vegan. I especially cringe when I come across this type of arrogant behavior and misguided aggression towards, for example, Chinese Buddhist vegetarian restaurants, which have a long (century+) tradition of their own culinary philosophy and customs. While it is nice for some of them to agree to modify their food for vegans, such kindness and accommodation should be appreciated and not taken for granted. Please educate yourselves and tread gently, and by all means don't go all militant and ballistic against small restaurant owners who honor their culture/tradition/religion and work so hard and try to do what they do best. They don't make big money, and they deserve our support instead of extra demands and at times even abuse.


16 Aug 2022

Sfvoyage. You might not realize this app is mainly for people looking for vegan food? So it is appropriate to detail if it's not vegan friendly.


17 Aug 2022

Sfvoyage, your comment is ironic considering the review you wrote about the Japanese ramen place. You said "I especially cringe when I come across this type of arrogant behavior and misguided aggression." So it's okay to criticize omni places but not vegetarian places that claim to have vegan food?
Hi Pot, signed Kettle.



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12 Oct 2021

Good authentic Indian cuisine

Enjoyed the South Indian specialties like dosas and uthappam. Great that it is pure veg (meaning dairy, but not other animal products).

Pros: Great selection, Pure veg, Reasonable prices

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