Small mostly-vegan restaurant run by a husband and wife team. Serves Chinese food. Reported fully vegan Feb 2019. Open Mon-Sun 11:30am-8:00pm.

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01 Nov 2023

Chinese vegan restaurant

Great Chinese vegan meal. If they ask if you want spicy beware! Maybe say medium if unsure 🫤



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15 Sep 2023

So much good food!

Had an amazing noodle dish, packed with vegan 'pork' and tofu and veggies. Limitless homemade sauces on the side (the spicy one is incredible). Amazing complimentary soup to start and endless tea to wash it all down. Don't think I can really fault this place - I'm very much looking forward to tucking into my leftovers for tomorrow's lunch!

Pros: Great value, Very friendly owner, Lots of complimentary additions


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17 Jul 2023

Very tasty food. And friendly owner

Food was great and owner don’t time making sure we ordered the best food. Would definitely come back!


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17 Jun 2023

Amazing food

Everything is DELICIOUS, high quality ingredients, a lot of fresh, tasty food at an extremely reasonable price.


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29 Nov 2022

Amazing Macau Vegan Food

I absolutely LOVE Peaceful Loft, it is my happy tummy place in St. John’s (NL). It’s a family run business and you are served by the owner who’s the sweetest person.
The dishes are all amazing, and their tvp sauce is mind blowing delicious (I still hope one day they’ll sell it in jars).
The ‘loon’ and the ‘bbq sauce fried rice’ are my favourites; they’re both tofu based but I super recommend trying their seitan dishes because their game is A+
All meals come with free tea that the owner keeps refilling at no cost. Also free fruit as dessert. It’s a place full of love, really 💚🌱

Pros: All vegan food, Free tea + refills , Free fruit dessert


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13 Oct 2022


Everything is Vegan and the food is delicious! I had the vegan bbq pork fried rice with vegetables and it was one of the best vegan dishes I have ever had. The owner is super friendly and the food is super good!! He gave me an Asian pear to go!


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24 Aug 2022

Great food, and super friendly service

The food here was amazing and is a great spot for 100% vegan fare. It's a husband and wife team and they do such a great job! Such a gem for the community, and most of the items you probably would never know they are vegan.

Pros: 100% vegan, no guesswork, Exceptionally friendly, Delicious


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18 Aug 2022

Tasty food, great service

We had some a mock pork and mock duck (both gluten based). Tasty but might order something with more veggies next time. Cups of tea and appetizer soup included.

Pros: Reasonably priced, Prompt, friendly service


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17 Aug 2022

Amazing food at an affordable price

This place uses quality ingredients, is packed full of flavor, managed by the nicest man ever and to boot is very affordable. Couldn’t ask for anything more. I would highly recommend this place.


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17 Aug 2022


A must for vegans visiting st Johns


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24 Jul 2022


This place is amazing. This place would turn a meat eater into a peaceful human😄

Pros: Everything

Cons: Busy


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30 Jun 2022


This restaurant is my my favourite vegan restaurant in St. John’s. It is delicious, well priced, amazing portions. It is owned by a sweet man and his wife. I never mind the wait time because the food is worth it and they work so hard. If there is a wait, it is worth it to try!! Please go you will not regret it 😁

Pros: Good price, Big portions, Locally owned and fully vegan


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23 Apr 2022

I can’t praise them enough!

Such a lovely Vegan Business! Their Menu is full of delicious Vegan Chinese Food that is served to you by the upmost sweetest staff.

Pros: Extremely friendly atmosphere, Affordable

Cons: None


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06 Jul 2020


I stumbled across this place looking for a vegan restaurant in St John's. What a find! As soon as I sat down he served me a complimentary bowl of the soup of the day, and a plate with 2 sauces and some "shrimp". Really nice owner who is very friendly and recommended the Singapore Noodles which were SO SO TASTY! They use TVP, seitan and tofu for their "chicken, pork and seafood" in the many different dishes. After I started eating, he came over and put some damn tasty "shrimp" on top of my noodles which was soo good. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Pros: Tonnes of tasty choices, Friendly service, Great prices


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14 Apr 2020

Don’t miss out on the PL experience!

Best Chinese food I’ve ever had, hands down. If you haven’t already, you NEED to eat Peaceful Loft at least once in your life.


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Mostly Veg
01 Jan 2020

Amazing place

Awsome food, fantastic host.


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16 Sep 2019

Don’t miss it!

The owner is welcoming and generous. Food was flavourful and plentiful. A diverse menu based on available ingredients. A wonderful homey meal, except no one in our home can cook with such finesse.


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14 Sep 2019

Peaceful loft, could be called Peaceful heaven

I will crave all the dishes I have had so far. We've been here 3 days and it's the only place we've eaten in St. John's and it could be the only one...

Pros: Where to start, the food, the service, the food!


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11 Sep 2019

Must go in Saint John's for all!

The best service! We walked in just after lunch and immediately had soup and an assortment of amazing housemade sauces placed on our table and the best green tea which never stopped being refilled. The owners are a wife and husband who moved to the city from China and we had a long conversation with the husband who does the serving. He helped us pick our meals which were just amazing. Everything is fresh and doesn't leave you feeling heavy or weighed down like Chinese food you might be used to.

The portions are HUGE for the price and the ingredients are so fresh. The onwers really care about the product they are producing and each dish is made to-order individually. Such good food with hard to source ingredients (like mushrooms imported from Korea) the peaceful loft is not a place to miss!

Pros: All vegan , Huge portions, Affordable


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21 Jul 2019

Amazingness in St. John's

How could it be that this amazing vegan Chinese restaurant is in Newfoundland? Excellent hospitality. Hot soup, tea, and sauces are on the table before you even order. The couple who own and operate the place are friendly, the food is super yummy and in large portions, and you will leave happy.


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02 Jul 2019

Huge portions, friendly staff.

I ordered a $12 crispy noodles dish and it was bigger than my head! It fed me for three separate meals, and was very tasty. The staff there are incredibly sweet and very attentive. 10/10 would recommend.


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23 Jun 2019

Amazing food and souls

My family and I stopped by one evening as the resturant was about to close (they stop orders at around 7:30pm depending on the day), but the owners were very accommodating and still let us in. I would reccomend calling in advance to check how busy they are.
We ordered the BBQ pork buns, Singapore noodles, and fried rice with this Chinese herb (called toona I believe). All of which were delicious with very large portions! I especially liked the noodles and the rice. Everything is vegan :)
The owners are lovely people with a hand for making good food. They even chatted with us, as we were from the same place, even though they were closing the place down for the night. I would absolutely stop by again if in town!

Pros: All vegan and kind people

Cons: Close early


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19 Feb 2019

Vegan Heaven

Paulo and Lisa have created a warm, friendly atmosphere for we lucky souls who go there to eat. Every dish has its own character and I suggest you take the time to work your way through. Free tea and soup will start your meal, and the made fresh daily sauces are AH-MAZING! My favs are the pork & duck dish and the peaceful roll, but the whole menu is really wonderful. Go and enjoy. It’s literally the *best*.

Pros: Food, Atmosphere, Freshness


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07 Feb 2019

I just love this place.

Next time I’m back in St. John’s I will be back to eat here for almost all of my meals. Amazing food. Great prices! Huge plates. The husband and wife duo are so lovely and I feel like I’m being invited into their home to eat. He shared stories with me about when he was an engineer in Macau and really paid a lot of attention to the food he made and to his customers.

Portion sizes are great, vegan “meats” are delicious and the atmosphere is quite cosy and inviting.

Pros: Vegan menu, Huge portions , Delicious food

Cons: Small restaurant


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13 Oct 2018

Amazing! Highly recommend

Absolutely everything on the menu is vegan. Vegan duck, vegan steamed rolls, vegan fish, ect...
Such kind owners as well!
If you're in St. John's it's a must try.


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26 Sep 2018

Family favorite in all of Newfoundland

My family loved this place so much w cam back twice on a 3 day trip to St. John’s.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Amazing fake meat dishes for meat eaters, The food is pretty mind blowingly good

Cons: They serve a vegiterian candy to non vegans, Limited seating, Closed on random days


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30 Aug 2018


I’m so overwhelmed right now! This place is incredible! The food was so good and for me as a faux-meat-lover this menu is just out of this world. The owner is so attentive and sweet, always topping up your tea, making sure you love the food and you’re happy with the experience! They give you free soup of the day and tea. My dish was so delicious as well. I am definitely coming back and encourage anyone to go there!!

Pros: All vegan , Delicious variety , Lovely owner/service

Cons: Seriously none!!!

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