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A daily changing variety of buffet items such as fresh salads, sauces and warm dishes. Fully vegan since 2020. Open Mon-Fri 11:00-14:30. Closed Sat, Sun.

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First Review by veganskinhead


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12 Aug 2023

The best restaurant in Helsinki?

In my humble opinion and to my knowledge, this has to be one of the best restaurants in Helsinki! A generous, fully vegan buffet, which one can feel has been prepared with a lot of love. A little too salty to my taste at times though. Desserts are also incredibly tasty!

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-12

Pros: Love, Love, Love



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09 Aug 2023

Great vegan buffet

Vast variety of dishes every day. You pay by the weight, so be mindful when adding stuff to your plate. You might end up paying nearly 30€

Pros: Variety of dishes


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30 Apr 2023

I love vegan 🌱 food buffets that are associated with mystic Indian gurus.

The food is always brilliant and cooked with love & devotion.

The interiors are always painted in the mystical colours taken from spiritual paintings of deities

Sacred cows & animals are revered and alcohol is nowhere to be seen.

There is always a lovely spiritual smell in the air & the food is magical.

It’s lovely to eat vegan 🌱 food in these places.

The future is vegan 🌱

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-17

Pros: Incredible huge buffet set out like a banquet , Super clean big room with devotional images , Lovely friendly blissed out staff


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12 Oct 2022

Abundant but a bit too salty

The lunch buffet was abundant with choices and everything was clearly marked. Especially the oat yoghurt raita and tofu-spinach curry were lovely. I use a lot of salt myself when cooking but many of the main courses were too salty even to my taste, otherwise everything was very tasty!

Pros: Abundant buffet

Cons: Salty main courses


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15 Sep 2022

Awesome restauroitu!!

Abundant all vegan buffet and filtered water, friendly staff and nice atmosphere. Reasonable pricing.


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15 Aug 2022

A wide variety of all things delicious

A weigh-your-plate kind of place with a lot to choose from, and the menu changes constantly. Delicious as h*ck! The place these health & well-being vibes and they've got a weird device for making the water more healthy.

Cons: Expensive! Be careful not to overdo it.


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28 Jul 2022

Delicious food

Pay by weight buffet that had so many options it was hard to choose. All the dishes I tried were amazing!


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15 Jun 2022

Calming, Nourishing and Gorgeous

I come here whenever I can when visiting Pasila. The food is gorgeous, the plates are huge and you can fill them as much as you like. It’s all vegan and absolutely delicious, staff are friendly and helpful too. You really can’t fault this place. The world would be a more peaceful place if more people ate their lunch here!

Pros: All VEGAN, So many options, plus coffee!, Warm, calming decor


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18 May 2022

5/5 would overeat again

Looked for a vegan lunch in the area, found this place. Price is by the weight of your food, I ended up with a way too big a lunch as I wanted to taste everything. Overate, had to wobble back to work, no regrets. I'm vegan btw

Pros: Everything is vegan, Everything is delicious, Lots of options


15 Jun 2022

Awesome! I always say to myself “
don’t over eat this time”…FAIL every time! It’s just too good here!


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30 Nov 2021

HUGE selection, SO TASTY!!

I like this place A LOT! So many options - both fresh and healthy and yammy comfort food!! The selection is huge and everything i had was super tasty! You can easily eat tens of different veggies, and because of weighing the portion, i was not overeating and felt great and energised afterwards! Also with this method the food is not wasted like in buffet. The price is really reasonable, if you compare what all you get! Just don’t load tons of food already in the beginning of the table cos then you end up having way too much…! But in that case you can take the rest to go. The only thing is that i would want it to be open a bit later..!


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26 Jan 2021

Great vegan lunch

Many alyernatives, tasty and fresh

Pros: Fresh , Many alternatives to chose from

Cons: A little bit expensive, depends what you choose


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01 Nov 2019

Nice and healthy buffet lunch

Good variety of salads and warm dishes. Lunch is served with pay by weight method, so salads are cheaper than bowl of fried potatoes. A lot of different proteins. Not everything is vegan, so read the labels!

Pros: wide selection, healthy

Cons: a bit pricey


Points +257

29 Sep 2019

Good food by weight.

Went here as it was close to the Helsinki conference centre. The buffet has a large selection of mostly vegan stuff, and is weighed for the price. Everything I had was tasty, but it wasn't the cheapest - but that's Helsinki (2 Euro/100 gram, I think). Watch yourself if your eyes are larger than your wallet. I'd go again, though.

Pros: Decent food

Cons: Not cheap.

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