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Vegetarian and vegan buffet and mostly organic salad bar, operating since 1992. In addition to fresh baked breads you will find a varied range of dishes like pasta, spinach filo, tamale pie, lasagna, and more. Cozy interior plus patio. Thursday is all vegan night. Sunday brunch service. Open Tue-Sat 5:00pm-9:00pm, Wed-Sat 11:30am-2:30pm, Sun 11:00am-2:30pm.

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03 Aug 2023


Drove all the way over to find a sign in the parking lot that they are closed. Waste of time. Eff this place.

Pros: None

Cons: Closed without notice.



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02 Jul 2023

Vegan Comfort Food

I have been going to Govindas since I was a kid and it’s my go to place for comfort food. I always feel better after eating here and love the flavors and large portions. Also the vegan cake is amazing 🤩


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08 Apr 2023

I love Govindas

Buffet style dining, very nice food very healthy, and nice people. Lovely restaurant with Koi, pond and birds, nice music, and incense.

Pros: They have certain nights that are only vegan, Beautiful place with nice music and incense scent

Cons: I wish they stayed open later, They close at 8 PM, If you come late, less food


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27 Feb 2023

Okay - Not great; Cannot find out ingredients - even with food allergies

I am very allergic to any kind of yeast. They could not tell me what ingredients were used in the foods. There was little to know effort to find out. One of the people I spoke with even got a bit defensive and hostile about being asked.
I went there because my friend very much wanted to go. I figured I could mostly figure out which options might be unlikely to be an issue for me and ate those options. There were soups, a curry and beans. Salad dressings ingredients were listed. That part was clear.
Even my friend who ate there with me agreed that the food was okay, but definitely not great. She said she won't be wanting to go there again. I feel the same way, especially after not being able to find out about the food in order to address allergy concerns.

Pros: Completely Vegetarian

Cons: Staff unable to address food allergy concerns, Some of the staff were hostile and defensive, Not very flavorful


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30 Sep 2022

Excelente lugar

Delicioso y el area al aire libre super relajado. 👌🏽


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21 Sep 2022

Delicious Indian food

Several vegan options were there in the buffet dinner. The food was delicious and I am going back again to this place for the vegan Wednesday-Friday buffet lunch (might do the dinner as well). The food was as close to authentic home made as it could get. I also had the vegan lemon cake for dessert and it was good too.


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10 Jun 2022

Awesome Buffet

Prasadam buffet with so many healthy options. It was all very fresh and delicious. My first time here, and I can almost guarantee this is one of the only places I’ll eat in Tucson.


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06 Oct 2021

Better than ever!

I hadn’t gone to Govindas in a while (since before the fire). Back then I thought it was good, but not one of my top places. However, my last experience really changed that. I feel like they really improved and now it’s one of the best. I love that they don’t seem to use much if any oil. That very important to us vegans who follow the health side of things too. They even had a dressing marked SOS free. They do a good job labeling allergens and are fully vegan 3 days a week. Staff was pleasant even though we had a crazy day and came in a bit late, but they allowed us plenty of time with fresh food up to the end of the evening.


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05 Sep 2021

Vegetarian & almost fully vegan buffet

This is an amazing spot if you like delicious home cooked vegan meals. This place was so beautiful & very welcoming. Great service & even better food. So glad we stopped here at the end of our trip! Will definitely be back if we are ever in Tucson again. The Koi pond & birds were a wonderful plus!!! So cute & fun!

Pros: Almost fully vegan, Unlimited food for one price , Delicious homemade food


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01 Sep 2021


All the food here is amazing!


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26 Jun 2021

Great and plentiful options

Delicious brunches and Indian nights! Sit on the patio with shade and fountain. Check the daily calender to see what the day's meal will be, many are fully vegan, others will always have vegan options

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-26

Pros: Serene gardens with koi and birds


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03 Jun 2021

Great food great price

Really enjoyed getting takeout from here


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08 May 2021

Wednesday Buffet

We went on Wednesday for the vegan buffet, it was all very good, but nothing really stood out.

The samosas are MASSIVE. Get 1, and even consider sharing!

It was our first time here and the method wasn't explained to us, but we also didn't ask how it worked.

It is a buffet, but samosas cost extra. If you need a go box, they are 50 cents, not a problem, but I went through checkout 3 times!

Pros: Location

Cons: A la carte items


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03 Apr 2021

Great options

There are several food options throughout the week that are vegetarian and vegan, but on Fridays it is 100% vegan. There is a little shop you walk through with indoor and outdoor seating. I love the little pond with fish and turtles, also the colorful birds (peacocks too)!


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17 Feb 2021

Can’t Go Wrong!

Great food at an even better price! Plus they have days dedicated to 100% Vegan food (just check the website). We visited when their COVID protocol was in place and we felt very safe and comfortable eating here. Plus there is a BEAUTIFUL patio to dine on.


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25 Oct 2020

Vegan Oasis

I enjoyed the quality and care of the food. The food was definitely made with love & compassion. Many vegan options. Very welcoming environment. Overall I had a heart warming & pleasant dining experience.

Pros: Many vegan options , Relatively affordable , Cooked with love & compassion


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Non Veg
04 Feb 2020

nice food



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04 Dec 2019

Nothing not to like.

I'm a snowbird in Tucson in the winters. I've been going to Govinda's for many years. For me, the greatest attribute of their food is that it is clean, and by that I mean they use organic stuff, good oils, minimal sugar and they give the ingredients in each dish. Being a buffet, some days I like the selection of dishes better than others, but there is always plenty for me to eat. The location is great and the atmosphere is excellent, quiet, relaxed, comfortable. There is a very good vibe in the space.

All in all, I can't ask for anything more.

Pros: healthy, nontoxic, tasty food


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24 Oct 2019

One of my favorites

Delicious vegan buffet, great atmosphere


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09 May 2019

All you can eat

Very affordable very delicious. I really enjoyed the curries and chutneys they had on the day I went!


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28 Mar 2019

Delicious Buffet

I went on Wednesday for vegan night (wed and thur are vegan only) and it was delicious. They had somosas and a wide variety of dinner items. I filled my plate and then some and it was all delicious. Went home with vegan carrot cake and peanut butter fudge. Haven't tried the carrot cake yet, but the peanut butter fudge was awesome. Can't wait to go back!


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16 Mar 2019

Vegetarian/Vegan Buffet

I’ve been dining at Govinda’s since the mid 1990’s. The food is consistently good and the staff at the temple are very kind and thoughtful. Tuesday’s “Indian night” has become my daughter’s favorite night to dine there with me, but we have also enjoyed either of the “Vegan” days, which fall on Wednesday and Thursday. Lunch and dinner are very reasonably priced and there are plenty of beverage options. Seating is either in the temple, dining area, or on the patio. Discount pricing is available for seniors, students, and children. In addition to taking advantage of the full buffet, there is also a reduced price option for those who just want soup and/or salad. The cuisine is predominantly Indian in nature. The Thanksgiving Buffet is exceptionally good and eagerly attended by many people.

Pros: Vegetarian and vegan options 7 days/week. , Menu offerings change daily., Food is consistently good.

Cons: Steam line doesn’t alway keep food hot.


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03 Mar 2019

Lovely meal, lovely patio seating

We went on a fully vegan day (currently Wednesdays and Thursdays as of February 2019). We really enjoyed the buffet. I had a giant salad with tasty dressing and several Indian dishes. Felt like a very nourishing meal. And we enjoyed it on the lovely patio.


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21 Feb 2019

Love Vegan Days Here

Wednesday and Thursday are Vegan Days at Govinda's. Lovely buffet of Indian food. Fresh salad bar, lots of entree choices, delicious beans and rice. All you care to eat buffet. Fantastic samosas (best in town!)

Pros: Vegan Days 2x week, Delicious food, Very reasonably priced

Cons: Wish it were Vegan Day more often


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31 Dec 2018

Delicious Vegan buffet lunch

Good variety including salad bar, soups, dessert and breads!

Pros: Vegan buffet!, Reasonably Priced, Outdoor seating


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28 Mar 2018

good vegan option

on certain days of the week, all the food offered at this buffet is vegan. their menu changes daily, so check their website to make sure you're going on a day when they'll be serving what you want! the food was pretty good and the outdoor seating is nice.


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14 Jan 2018

Sunday Brunch

Fantastic Sunday brunch buffet style. So good

Pros: live music on patio, water fountain on patio

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