Vegan cinnamon roll bakeshop founded in 2010 in Berkeley, CA. Has grown into a franchise with outlets across North America. Offers many flavors of rolls as well as the option to build-your-own from a range of flavors and toppings. Also sells cookies, brownies, and coffee. Open Mon-Thu 8:00am-9:00pm, Fri-Sat 8:00am-10:00pm, Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by domecia


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09 Oct 2023

So good!!

Love all the options here!



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27 Apr 2023


Love that everything is vegan! Buns and cookie dough were delicious. Not many vegan options in this part of town so was happy to find Cinnaholic


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26 Mar 2023

Go get some!

Ridiculously good! Everything was amazing and 100% Vegan! Tons of options.

Pros: All Vegan

Cons: Not cheap (but still worth it)


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26 Jan 2023

Really amazing!

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the place to be a vegan. If you are a whole food plant based eater looking for a cheat day, take it easy because this place may put you down for a nap!


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11 Dec 2022

Strawberry with strawberry frosting. Oh my gawd.

It was amazing not too sweet but hit the spot

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-11

Pros: All vegan, Delicious , Fresh

Cons: Pricey, Long wait


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14 Nov 2022

Delicious buns

I got the Mamaw’s Pecan Pie Roll and it was great but you have to be prepared for the sugar rush 😀

Pros: All vegan options

Cons: Pricey but comparable to what is in the area


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16 Aug 2022


Amazing VEGAN Cinnamon Rolls! Everything in here is Vegan. So if your a sugarholic then this place is perfect for you. I had the Mawmaws pecan Caramel and it was to live for just a bit over load of icing for me. My part and I both thoroughly enjoyed this place staff is really “sweet”. In a town where finding vegan options is a huge challenge this place is nirvana to a vegan! I venture to say even non vegans will enjoy this experience.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-16

Pros: Everything is Vegan, Delicious , Sweet Staff

Cons: A bit pricey , Toppings overload


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21 Jun 2022

I wish they had a location closer to home!

Entirely vegan! Giant delicious cinnamon rolls with toppings. I got a cinnamon roll with cream cheese icing, chocolate chips, oreos, and chocolate syrup. It was so good!

Pros: all vegan, lots of choices, delicious


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08 May 2022

All the choices!

EVERYTHING IS VEGAN. 😮 The cinnamon rolls themselves are delicious, and there are toppings galore.

Pros: So many options!, Located in nice shopping center w/ fun lawn area

Cons: A little pricey ($7-8/cinnamon roll), Super sweet


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27 Apr 2022

Great vegan cinnamon rolls

Soooo good! Friendly service, 100% vegan with tons of topping options and coffee


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Mostly Veg
16 Apr 2022

Absolutely delicious vegan haven in a meat and dairysoaked area

Absolutely loved the orange dole whip, oreo cheesecake cinnamon roll, and the cinnadoodle cookie. A perfect treat and you can get them to go.

Pros: It's ALL vegan!, It's F@

Cons: A little pricey, Not diet friendly


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12 Apr 2022

Just go here now!!

Omg. FABULOUS. What a treat to enjoy a 100% vegan warm cinnamon roll and a yummy iced latte in this area! Definitely recommend driving out of your way to go here and get some 😁

This was my first time at a Cinnaholic and my eyes almost popped out of my head at all the choices!! They don’t advertise themselves as vegan (Not sure why?), but the helpful staff assured me everything is 100% vegan. They have a mission statement on their website about their commitment to veganism as well.

We tried the Oreo cheesecake, the Strawberry Blast and Mamaw’s Pecan Pie - all spectacular. I also got a Caramel iced latte which was super good. Cinnaholic is the shining jewel of this vegan desert!

It’s at a great location in Pigeon Forge too, with plenty of other fun activities nearby.

Pros: Wayyyy better than Cinnabon!

Cons: Expensive - $7-$8 for a cinn.roll - but worth it!


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14 Dec 2021

Everything is vegan; a magical place!!!

When they said everything was vegan, I felt overwhelmed with all of the options! Haven't experienced that in a really long time! The food was incredible too!

Pros: ALL the vegan options!

Cons: None


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13 Dec 2021


Amazing all-vegan cinnamon bun shop!


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Mostly Veg
12 Dec 2021


Was super excited when the lady at the counter told me EVERYTHING was VEGAN ! So many choices!

Pros: Everything is vegan!

Cons: None


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26 Nov 2021

Oh. My. Goodness. I need one of these closer to home!

I would not have realized this place was entirely vegan if it had not been for this app. It’s very understated in this location, at least. I asked to make sure! I also would have never known from the flavors. This place was spectacular and the staff was very friendly. The fancy cinnamon rolls are about $7 or $8 each, but it was such a wonderful treat and we also bought some to go. We spent more than we planned, but what a treat!

Pros: Everything is vegan!!!, Flavors are spectacular., So many sugary, delicious options.

Cons: A little pricey.


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02 Nov 2021

Just Go

If you are craving something sweet, you will love this place for a splurge!

Pros: All vegan

Cons: Not so healthy 🤣


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09 Sep 2021


Lol it was so funny passing through this town because it's such a desert, it was depressing. But this place hidden by the other ones, was so good!!! I was in shock! They don't market themselves as vegan cinnamon rolls, but I'm happy the are ❤

Pros: Soooooo good best cinnamon roll ever


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21 Aug 2021

Tastes good

They were busy but didn’t have to wait long. The caramel topping wasn’t worth the .50; I could barely taste it. It was very good but they don’t list the source of their cocoa so I avoided all the chocolate options.


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26 Jul 2021


So delicious! You wouldn't think that this is really vegan, but it is 100%! We have been two times there and we were not disappointed.

Pros: Fully vegan


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25 Jul 2021

Holy yum!

We haven’t been to Pigeon Forge in a couple years, but this is a whole new area for our family to explore the shops. Cinnaholic is super cute and bright, and MANY cinnamon rolls with sky high mountainous toppings. I got the s’mores one, and my husband got the smoky mountains one. We weren’t feeling super creative Bc we could’ve built our own. My husband somehow gobbled his down quickly. I am saving half for tomorrow, though admittedly it’s difficult to not eat the whole thing. So delicious. But even more importantly, it brings SOME veganism to the area. And this area NEEEDS that. Anyway, highly recommend.

Pros: Vegan, Delicious, Fun location


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08 Jul 2021

Just yes

Go. Just go there right now. You won’t regret it. This place is great! So nice to have an all vegan bakery in town. Everything is so good! Never disappointed. Staff was super friendly and helpful with suggestions when ordering! It seriously rivals Cinnabon- but honestly more delicious.

Pros: Friendly staff, Reward system, All vegan!!!!


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06 Jul 2021


My vegan family loved choosing a cinnamon roll and toppings. We got German Chocolate, cherry cheesecake, peanut butter (with peanut butter cups), and some cookies to take home. All delicious! We'd highly recommend! Side note: there was a prayer box and little cards where you could request prayers. What a nice, thoughtful touch that I appreciated.

Pros: all vegan, friendly staff, delicious


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26 May 2021

Never disappoints!

It's hard not to overbuy when you don't have to pick through the menu to find the vegan options! So many amazing cinnamon rolls, cookie dough and coffee items!


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20 May 2021

Incredible treats

100% vegan with so many options. The pb cups are made in house and super good. The cookie dough is awesome too. Everything we had was good.


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12 May 2021

Amazing food and friendly staff!

The food here is so delicious! There are so many options and everything is 100% vegan. The staff is so friendly and welcoming!

Pros: Everything is 100% vegan, Everything is delicious, Affordable


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07 May 2021

Can't wait to come back!

Absolutely fantastic. Whole place is vegan & everything is seriously delicious. Wish there was one closer to where I live!

Pros: Everything is vegan, Filling , Lots of options

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