Vegan Sprats

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    Cut tofu into slices.
    Then cut nori leaves into strips approximately equal in width to the pieces of tofu.
    Coat a sheet of nori with soy sauce, let it soak for a few seconds so that the sheet becomes elastic.
    Put a piece of tofu on it, carefully turn the "sprat". Slightly press the rolled piece from all sides with your fingers so that the nori sticks to the tofu more tightly. Repeat with all of your tofu pieces.
    Pour a little oil into the bottom of a flat jar or container, sprinkle with spices. Put all the "sprats" in the jar, pouring spices on each "floor" and pouring oil on it.
    Once all of the pieces are stacked, pour oil so that it covers the top of the last "floor".
    Add 1-2 tablespoon of soy sauce. Tightly close the container, slightly shake it.
    Let refrigerate for day, serve and enjoy!


    200 gram tofu, marinated in smoked paprika and soy sauce
    Soy sauce
    Vegetable oil, you can also use equal parts of different oils (flaxseed oil gives a light fishy taste)
    Dried herbs of choice for seasoning
    Spices of choice, rosemary, sweet paprika, sweet chili, dill, onion, etc.

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    30 minutes

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      Vegan Sprats

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