Vegan Coconut Rice Krispies

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    In a large pan add peanut butter, rice syrup, water and salt and mix together over low heat until everything is smooth.
    Add brown rice krispies, marshmallows, shredded coconut and coconut extract into the pan. Mix everything together well.
    Place parchment paper into a rectangular pan of your choice. Scoop the rice krispy mixture in the pan and level it out.
    Put the pan in the fridge for 1 hour. Once it's cool, remove from fridge and cut into indivual square servings. Serve and enjoy!


    1 cup peanut butter
    1/2 cup of rice syrup (or barley syrup)
    2 tablespoon water
    1 pinch salt
    3 cup brown rice krispies
    1/2 - 1 cup vegan mini marshmallows
    1/2 cup coconut, shredded.
    1 teaspoon coconut extract

    Serving Size

    16 - 1.5 inch squares

    Prep Time

    15 minutes

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      Vegan Coconut Rice Krispies

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