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Tasha's Festive Jelly

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Tasha's Festive Jelly


2 cup hazelnut milk
2 tablespoon sugar
1 tea bag Bengal spice
1 tea bag mulled wine
2 tablespoon agar flakes
1 cup of blueberry juice
½ glass of port
2tbls of sugar
20 fresh cranberries
1 cup of blueberry juice
½ glass of port (not necessary for alcohol free)
2 tablespoon sugar
20 fresh cranberries
1 tablespoon agar flakes


Simmer tea bags, hazelnut milk, and sugar in not water until sugar dissolves and the teabags adds flavor.

Drain blue berries and separate from the juice.

Simmer blueberry juice, port, 2 tablespoon sugar, and 20 cranberries.

Hazelnut mix add 2 tablespoon agar flakes, and simmers until soaked in then stir for 5 minutes.

Blueberry mix add 1 tablepoon agar flakes, and simmer until soaked in then stir for 5 minutes.

Then put some almonds, blueberries, and cranberries on the bottom of your mold.

Add the Hazelnut mix to mold, plonk cranberries and blueberries here & there.

Put in fridge until hard enough to serve.

With blueberry mix minus the cranberries add sashay of lemon jelly mix. Simmer till dissolved.

With spare mold add leftovers of cranberries blueberries and almonds.

Add blueberry mix to mold and put in fridge.

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