Raw Chocolates with Blueberry and Coconut

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    You will need chocolate mold for 12 pieces.
    Making the chocolate by shaving the solid cocoa butter with a sharp knife or grater. Shaving is really thin slicing that makes the cocoa butter crumble. The finer you can get it, the easier it will be to melt. You could leave it in big chunks if you like, but be prepared to wait a while for it to melt.
    Melt the cocoa butter. Do this by leaving it in a warm place in a heat proof glass bowl by a fire or directly above a hot radiator. It melts at 34 degrees C.
    The idea is to melt it, rather than cook it, maintaining its un-cookedness. If you don't have a gentle heat source then use a hob or stove. Put the cocoa butter in a small, oven proof, glass bowl and then put that bowl in a pan containing an inch or so of really hot water. Keep the hob/stove burning on a low heat. The heat will then transfer through the bowl, enough to melt the cocoa butter. Give it frequent stirs to assist the melting process. Don't keep it on the heat any longer than it takes to melt it. The best time to use it is when it has just melted. If it is too hot, then it takes longer to cool down and the coconut sugar will sink to the bottom of the chocolate when added.
    Add the coconut sugar to the melting cocoa butter during step two. The melting cocoa butter will help to soften and dissolve the sugar.
    When the cocoa butter has finally melted, mix in the cocoa powder and any other remaining ingredients.
    Makethe chocolates by placing 1 teaspoon of melted chocolate mixture into each shaped well/mold. Pop it in the freezer whilst you prepare and blend the filling ingredients.
    Make the filling by blending all the filling ingredients (blueberries, coconut butter and medjool date) together thoroughly.
    Adding the filling - Take molded chocolates of the freezer, and place some blueberry filling into each one. This is slightly fiddly. Use a teaspoon and a knife to help the process. Take about ½ a teaspoon of filling and gently dollop it on top of the freshly chilled chocolate. Aim right in the middle of your chocolate mold. You'll find that some always hits the edges (unless you are incredibly skilled)… simply tease it back with your knife to create a thin gap at the edges.
    Finally, take the rest of your melted chocolate and pour 2 or 3 teaspoons over each dollop in the mold. Place your completed molded chocolate straight into the freezer to help them set. They should be done in 15 minutes. You may also allow it to set by popping it into the fridge or any cool place (but allow extra time for setting).


    Chocolate ingredients:
    50 gram raw cocoa butter
    50 gram raw cocoa powder
    3 tablespoon raw coconut sugar
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract

    Filling ingredients:
    70 gram fresh blueberries
    40 gram coconut butter
    1 medjool date, pitted

    Serving Size


    Prep Time

    30 min + freeze time

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      Raw Chocolates with Blueberry and Coconut

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