Mung Bean Cheese

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    Dry grind the Group 1 ingredients for one minute in a Vitamix (or other powerful blender) on full speed. Brush down the resulting flour. Grind for a further one minute. You should now have a fine yellow flour in the blender.
    Stir in the rice bran oil with rubber spatula. Blend for 30 seconds on half of full speed.
    Add the Group 3 ingredients. Stir in thoroughly. Blend one minute at full speed. Scrape down. Blend for a further minute at full speed.
    Remove the now thick mixture from the blender and cook for one hour in a sous vide cooker at 90-95° C in two heat-sealed sous-vide plastic bags.
    Cool for one hour at room temperature then store in refrigerator (still in sealed plastic bag).
    Either leave in plastic bag until required to be consumed or remove from plastic bag after 24 hours and store in refrigerator wrapped in a paper towel. This results in the cheese slowly drying and acquiring a parmesan-like consistency.


    Group 1:
    150 gram mung dal (yellow split mung beans)
    15 gram mung bean starch
    10 gram nutritional yeast flakes
    1/2 gram Edlong flavor #1411344 (powder, optional)
    1/2 gram Edlong flavor #1412069 (powder, optional)

    Group 2:
    100 gram rice bran oil (or your preferred vegetable oil)

    Group 3:
    150 gram water
    6 gram salt
    1 1/2 gram liquid smoke flavor
    0.6 gram lactic acid (concentrated liquid)
    1/2 gram Edlong flavour #1411433 (liquid, optional)
    2 teaspoon white miso

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    Prep Time

    2 hours

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      Mung Bean Cheese

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