Mexican Rice

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    Use either a large skillet or steel type pan; non-stick pans will not work well due to the nature of the rice.
    Start by heating pan at medium heat. Once warm add oil and 1.5 cup of rice.
    Stir continuously until almost rice is light golden brown.
    Add can of tomato sauce and the vegetable stock/bouillion.
    Stir the rice to make sure the two liquids mix.
    Once rice start to boil and bubble, turn the heat to low.
    Cover rice and allow to cook uninterrupted for 20 minutes. Do not take open lid during this time.
    Once the time is up the rice should be fluffy and ready.
    This is a Barrera family vegan style Mexican rice.


    1.5 cup Calrose rice
    1 cab El Pato tomato sauce
    1 cup vegetable stock/bouillion
    2 tablespoon vegetable oil

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    Prep Time

    30 min

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      Mexican Rice

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