Almond Milk (simple)

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    Soak almonds in a bowl or cup overnight. Makes around 1 cup soaked almonds.
    Pour out soaking water and place almonds, half of pure water, and dates (or sweetener) in blender. Blend on high for 30 seconds.
    Add remaining 8 ounce of water and blend for another 30 seconds.
    Over a large bowl, pour contents of blender into nut milk bag and milk/massage material so that the bowl fills up with your freshly made and strained almond milk.
    NOTE: Blending first with only half the water is a good way to ensure your almonds are well blended.
    TIP: Spread almond meal onto sheet on dehydrator tray to dry, grind in coffee grinder, and use as almond meal.
    Makes 18 ounces of raw, sprouted almond milk and 1.15 ounces almond flour.
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    16 ounce drinking water
    3/4 cup raw almonds
    2-4 dates, pitted

    Serving Size

    8 ounces

    Prep Time

    5 mins + 12 hr soak

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      Almond Milk (simple)

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