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From Los Angeles, it's teamCow with the final buzz for '14. Please enjoy, and share with your friends who might like to learn about our community and service.

about us
A plant-based diet significantly reduces the chances of one developing Type 2 diabetes, the most common form of diabetes worldwide (info).
about us

Our community is powered by caring people everywhere who are dedicated to promoting a compassionate, sustainable, healthy lifestyle. More than a guide to restaurants and health food stores, HappyCow is your one-stop resource for everything VEG.

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Happy Birthday, Cow

This month marks our 15th year on the net! Thanks to you and gentle folk across the world, we're making healthier, sustainable dining easier to find.
With your help, in 2014, HappyCow has continued to grow and is running sleeker; and we're nearing the completion of a major re-design of our Android app (coming January).
Additionally, we:
* Added 6,880+ new listings to our food guide
* Received 22,170+ new reviews
* Uploaded 25,950+ new photos to accompany listings
* Signed-on 15,110+ new members
* Recruited more staff to maintain and expand our database as well add more plant-based recipes
* Managed an Ambassador program with 130+ worldwide volunteers regularly updating for their cities
* Published our first book, The HappyCow Cookbook: Recipes from Top-Rated Vegan Restaurants around the World
* Established an international presence with Cow Mascot
* Published weekly blogs plus once-a-month vegin' out newsletter
* Helped keep in business veg restaurants & health stores everywhere by directing our members their way
* Voted "Favorite Veg Website" of 2014 in survey by VegNews magazine (our 8th year win)

New Veggie Blogs

Passionate Cow members write about food and travel,
fitness and history. Read the latest:
* Volcano hiking in Guatemala
* Elite vegan athletes on a cycling challenge
* World’s strongest man 100+ years ago
* Vegetarian humor from 1850s
* Dining vegan at Ohlala in Berlin
* Meatless in Florida Sarasota
* 1925 Vegan adventurers going around the world

Make at Home

Cow foodies and homecooks share their original recipes:
* No-bake carrot cake (video)
* Festive seed loaf (video)
* Yellow squash risotto and patties
* Chocolate, walnut, cranberry, raisin vegan cookies

restaurants and stores
New Earth Health Cafe - San Luis Obispo
Utilizing food-as-medicine approach with live food, fresh juices, and coconut kefir. reviews >
Mana! Fast Slow Food - Hong Kong
Its signature oven baked flatbreads are rolled with your choice of healthy toppings. reviews >
Cafe Sunflower - Atlanta
Fine vegetarian dining featuring cuisines from Asia to Southwest America; also in Sandy Springs. reviews >
Two Vegan Sistas - Memphis
These ladies are on a mission to making healthy eating affordable, delicious, and convenient. reviews >
Queen Sheba Ethiopian - Sacramento
Go for the weekday vegan lunch with unlimited injera, salad, rice, spiced lentils and greens. reviews >
TerraZen - Amsterdam
Cozy place combining Caribbean and Japanese tastes to create unique vegan meals. reviews >
SOHO Japanese and Korean Cuisine - Rochester Hills
Offers a separate veg menu with dishes like tofu bibimbap, vegetable gyoza, and veggie sushi. reviews >
Community bulletin

From Amsterdam to Tokyo, Cow volunteers are passionate about sharing the benefits of VEG. We thank you all for helping to make our guide the most comprehensive of its kind. Shout-out to Gudrun and Amy in Netherlands; Martin and Jimmy in Singapore, Jon in France. Also kudos to Akiyo, Ricardo, Milena in Japan; Christian, Daniel, Jay in Germany; J.Sinclair in Australia; Nancy in Panama; Placek in Budapest; GJ in Lithuania; and Jon Active in London.

learn more / become an Ambassador for your city >
news headlines
Are seaweed snacks the future as the tide turns on meat consumption?
Siblings build a butcher shop for 'meat'-eating vegans
Israel's army to begin serving vegan food to soldiers who opt for an animal-free diet
From vegetarian to vegan US statesman shares journey with million plus on twitter
University study: plant-based diet most effective for weight loss
Business and entrepreneurs seize opportunities in rise of veganism
Gardening is good for your health, explained
Veganuary is coming
Thanks again. Your participation makes our service possible.
- Eric, Diana, Shanti, and the Cows
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