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"This amazing app is a vegetarian's dream for finding vegetarian restaurants in more than 150 countries or at your current location.
You can save your compendium of your favorites and share with your friends (Score: 84/100)."
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Below are 2 more ways to download the HappyCow App:

(Note: Not all applications are available to all phones and depends on factors like your Android OS version, your screen resolution or the country from which you are accessing the Android Market.)

Manually install from the Google Play Market

1. Go to 'Google Play' on your Android-powered device.

2. Select 'Search'.

3. Enter 'HappyCow' into the search field.

4. Once you've found the 'HappyCow App', touch to install.

5. Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with the installation.

Use a QR code scanner

1. Open your preferred QR code scanner (learn more about this).

2. Point your phone camera at the QR code below and scan it.

Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with the installation.

Scan this to find in Market

General Information:

HappyCow's App is an application made for mobile devices that run the Android system.

We have created this app to make accessing the restaurant guide easier while traveling and on-the-go.

This app has the option of using your current location, via GPS or Network, OR allows user to enter an address and a radius to search within.
Soon functionality will include ability to login, write reviews, upload photos, and save listings.
Look for this in the Google Play "Travel" section under paid apps. Also a Free version out (search: "happycow").

Currently, maps/search the following areas are well supported:
USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, most of Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, most of Malaysia, and Singapore. Other areas may be spotty.

New Updates are Coming Soon, including:

- Improved functionality and performance
- Redesign look
- Notifications on new locations
- Check-ins
- Better result filtering
- Display review responses
- Your suggestions

Current Version: v. 50.4.3-full-v2 (Aug, 2017)
Features and Updates:
- Photo upload bug fix
- Optimizations

v. 50.3.2-full-v2 (April, 2017)
Features and Updates:
- In app Registration
- New login screen
- Confirmation after adding a venue to a trip
- Sort on Favorites
- Bug fix on Android 7 camera
- Make review descriptions sentence case
- Add support for larger aspect ratios
- Shrink resources, to better support translations
- Update android libraries
- Optimizations

v. 50.2.2 full (January 9, 2017)
Features and Updates:
- Sync your Favorites
- Sync your Trips
- Allow review edit
- Added Facebook Login option (registration to follow)
- Improved performance
- Library updates
- Bug fixes

v. 50.0.7 full (October 17, 2016)
Improvements & fixes:
- New: Allow review modifications
- New: Sort by most reviewed and veg-type
- Show "Open now" on favorites and trips (when there's internet connection)
- Fix: Rating stars for tablets
- Fix: default text for search field
- Improved performance
- Various fixes

v. 50.0.0 full (Sept 1, 2016)
Improvements & fixes:
- improved battery life and data consumption

- fixed issues with search and displaying some venues
- fixed stores and more sorting issues
- fixed login and logout issues
- improved in app navigation
- fixed problem with getting directions while language is other than

v. 49.7.1 full (Feb 23, 2016)
Improvements & fixes:
- Added photo rotation option
- View reviews and photos link improvements
- Various bugfixes

v. 49.6 full (Nov 12, 2015)
Improvements & fixes:
- Navigation redesign
- Location finding (re-build)
- Various bugfixes

v. 49.44 full (Oct 8, 2015)
Improvements & fixes:
- Added show "Open Now" only option
- Photo Gallery enhancements
- Language improvements
- Various bugfixes

v. 49.1 full (August 27, 2015)
Improvements & fixes:
- Added language support for Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish (please let us know if any translation is incorrect!)
- Improved location functionality
- Improved layout on reviews
- Various bugfixes

v. 48.1 full (July 1, 2015)
Improvements & fixes:
- Per user request, we have added some new nearby search categories (Gluten-Free + Organic)
- Improved photo browsing
- Improved photo uploading
- General bug fixes and optimizations

v. 58 (1.0 full) (June 5, 2015)
Improvements & fixes:
- Resolved location finding issues for some devices

v. 45 (56) (Mar 5, 2015)
Improvements & fixes:
- Resolved location finding issues for a few devices

v. 42 (53) (Jan 3, 2015)
Improvements & fixes:
- Complete Redesign
- Allows Search by Keyword
- Category drill-down

v. 34 (50) (Mar 31, 2014)
Improvements & fixes:
- can move the app to SD card
- map has a button to scroll to current device location
- map will automatically update the device location marker
- when pressing map or directions, you can choose what app you'd like to use to load the map
- width fix for close button on photo browse dialog
- updated veg-type buttons
- display various veg-types on stores & more
- properly handle photo rotation

v. 32 (46) (Nov 19, 2013)
- Another fix for set Location search using Google geocoding.

v. 31 (Oct 23, 2013)
- Fix for set Location search using Google geocoding.

v. 30 (July 25, 2013)
- Bug Fixes

v. 29 (Jun 19, 2013)
- Location source issues resolved
- Enlarged photo display
- Bug Fixes
- Button placements for ease of use

v. 28 (Mar 29, 2013)
New Features:
- Save favorites on device for offline use

- better device location pinpointing
- increased stability on newer devices

v. 26 (Jan 10, 2013)
* Code re-vamp
* Login to your HappyCow member account
* Submit reviews of your favorite veg restaurants and stores
* Upload photos of delicious entrees, yummy desserts, and beautiful decor
- better device location pinpointing
- optimized search time for quicker results on the go
- increased stability on older devices

v. 23 (Aug 18, 2012)
* Code re-vamp
* More stable
* Social Sharing: facebook, twitter, SMS, Email
* Small changes to interface

v. 20 (Feb 23, 2011)
* New venue map
* Map enhancements
* Fixed orientation load issue
* Improved error messaging
* Small changes to interface

v. 19.8 (Feb 1, 2011)
* Fixed link to Google Map/Directions
* Hopefully resolved bad location issue for Motorola devices.
* Modified error message to be more clear.

v. 18.9 (Oct 30, 2010)
* Small fix to handle issue when last location had no results.

v. 18.1 (Oct 20, 2010)
* New service for finding location from manual search.
* Added link to mobile version add your review form.

v. 17.1 (Aug 31, 2010)
* Added support for small screen devices (Note: still some issues remaining to be fixed soon)
* Fixed issue with photo browsing.

v. 16.2 (June 24, 2010)
* Added Stores & More to the results so there are now many more results!

v. 15.3 (June 10, 2010)
* Resolved error for misspelled/mi-worded manual locations, changed so that app doesn't close and search settings are opened.

v. 14.4 (May 30, 2010)
* Droid and Nexus One Fix (hopefully handled by this update, although some Droid users may still have issues)
- Small change to logo.

v. 13.5 (Apr. 30, 2010)
* Improved functionality to maps:
- Added center marker on set location searches
- Added "My Location" marker (green dot) which follows user when location source is used.
* Added slight text changes

v. 12.6 (Feb. 24, 2010)
* Resolved issue for stars rating image which was being cut off on some devices.
* Resolved review window pop-up so that layout spans full window.
* Resolved Moto Droid location issue for 2.01 users. Android 2.1 may still have issues. If you are a Droid user experiencing problems, please try restarting your device and if that doesn't work, please contact us with details- thanks.
* Added slight layout change to venue details

v. 11.7 (Feb. 24, 2010)
* Display multiple photos for listings with more than one picture. To view images, if they exist, view the review page for the listing. Click on the image displayed and a window with next/previous image will display. An additional gallery will be added soon.

v. 10.8 (Feb. 3, 2010)
* Default sort order on 1st load corrected
* Image alignment
* Fixed Venue Photo loading for all images.
* Small text changes

v. 9.9 (Dec. 22, 2009)
* Improved performance by replacing error images with text
* Android 2.0 ready
* Small text changes

v. 9.0 (Dec. 5, 2009)
* Updated the maps to use better markers and now also color coded by veg status
* Small text changes

v. 8.1 (Nov. 24, 2009)
* Added "Sort" functionality (under search menu). Sort by distance, rating, alphabetically, or price range.
* Removed title bar.
* Small text changes

v. 7.2 (Oct. 21, 2009)
* Changed from Full-Screen to now displaying the status bar on user recommendation.

v. 6.3 (Oct. 14, 2009)
* Improved Photo (enlarge) for listings that have photos

v. 5.4 (Oct. 13, 2009)
* Add reviews for listings that have reviews
* Added Photo (enlarge) for listings that have photos
* Updated the venue Update form to be better viewable
* Changed the name of the app, again.
* Changed some messages and text

v. 4.5 (Sept. 14, 2009)
* Fixed issue with the display of foreign characters (other than English).
* Changed some messages and text

v. 3.6 (Sept. 1, 2009)
* Added option to display results in KM (in addition to miles).
* Changed some messages and text

v. 2.7 (Aug 21, 2009)
* Added additional info to display page so the browser is not required to view.

v. 1.8
* Fixed issue with "map/directions" link on International listings
* renamed app from "Healthy Dining" to "Vegetarian Dining Guide" (more re-branding to come soon)
* Updated code for new Android v1.5 requirements

v. 1.1.7
* Changed HappyCow logo to new colors
* Adjusted link text
* no major changes

v 1.0.8
* Original release

Offered on the Google Market place for US$3.99, which goes towards supporting our costs for creating the app. Future updates and added features will come, please be patient. If you would like to contribute towards paying for more features, please click here.

If you find this app useful, please remember to return to Market to rate & review it. Your positive feedback is much appreciated! If you have any complaint, please email us what you'd like to see improved.

Functionality and Instructions:

For FULL, Redesigned Version:
* When you load the app it displays the 4 main nearby search options: Vegan, Vegetarian, Veg-Options, & Store+More. Click any one of these to view results, or, just click on the button below "See Everything Nearby"
* Use "Search" to search other areas or make specific searches using veg-types, sort by options, distance, and keyword.
* Map View: From the nearby or search results page, click on the globe icon in the upper right to access the map.
* Map View: Long press anywhere to refresh results on the map.
* Add Listings to Favorites by clicking on the white heart on any details page. These are then available offline.
* Create Trips to save groups of listings together. These are also available offline.
* To toggle mi/km, visit the "Settings" page from main menu.

For Legacy, free version:
* When you open the App, by default it starts with a radius search and will look for your location. If successful, it will list places nearby you, ordered by listings closest to you.
* Restaurant ratings are currently only determined by logged in users.
* Touch any of the places listed to view the detail page for that venue.
* From listing page, touch the phone number to dial location.
* From listing page, click on 'map' (listed after the address) for a map of location only and driving directions.
* From listing page, if reviews exist, a button to view them will show at the bottom.
* When viewing reviews, click on individual reviews to view full text.
* When viewing reviews, if a photo exists, you can click it to view larger.
* Press on the menu button for search options or to see the map.
* Press "menu" button, and then 'Map' to show all listings on a map, then by touching any of the restaurant names it brings you to the detail page for that venue.
* Use back to return to previous screen.
* Press "menu" button and select "Search" to change search settings.
* Choose "Set Location" and type in an address if you would like to use a different location or you're unable to geo-locate.
* Set the distance from center of location from the drop down menu
* Filter results by selecting how veg you want them to be.

Screen Shots:

Search Results
Search Page
Details Page
Map View
Favorites Saved
Photo Page

Questions & Answers:

1) When I start the app it says, "Sorry, unable to determine location..," - why?
Your phone's GPS and/or Network might be disabled, or maybe you are in a location that does not receive a signal. To turn on Location Services:
a) Go to the phone's main screen
b) Click menu
c) Click "Settings"
d) Click "Security & location"
e) Check one or both boxes: "Use wireless networks" and "Enable GPS satellites", then try again. The "Use wireless networks" will work indoors, while for GPS you will likely need to be outside, under open sky as your phone needs to pick up the satellites (or radio tower) to determine your position.
* To confirm if your location system is working, try opening your Google Maps app and see if "My Location" works (under menu).

2) It frequently states location cannot be determined, despite my Location Services being on...
As mentioned, location is not determined by this app - it's found using one of these two services included by your phone. If you find that your Google Maps "My Location" is working, but the app is not, from the same location, please let us know. Most likely you are in an area that doesn't get great reception. Try moving outdoors.

3) Why is the location shown not exactly where I am located?
Depending on which location service is used, "wireless networks," or "GPS satellites," your location is determined differently. GPS satellites are usually the most precise, though the wireless network is sometimes quite accurate. Your location is not determined by the HappyCow App - it's found using one of the services included by your phone.

4) I'm getting a message "Service is not responding. Please check your Internet connection..." or "Service don't respond" and the app closes, what's going on?
There are 3 causes of this message, (1) You are not connected to the Internet, (2) you are using an old version of the app which is no longer supported, (3) HappyCow server is being updated or is currently down. Solution: Make sure you are receiving an Internet connection (required for the app to work), and update to latest version if you haven't already. If that fails, please try again a few minutes later.
Also, once you are certain Internet is working, try hitting menu and "Search" as soon as you open the app. Then choose, "Set Location" and enter your location- this resets the device regarding connections.

5) App keeps crashing whenever I go to look at a specific restaurant
Try uninstalling the app, restarting your device, then re-install the latest version. If that doesn't work let us know.

6) Paid apps are not yet available in my country, how can I get the app?
You may also download the HappyCow App thru

7) Why does HappyCow need all of these permissions?
* Location: HappyCow apps use your device location to find great restaurants near your current location. HappyCow never stores your device location on our servers.
* Photos/Media/Files: HappyCow apps provide you with a way upload restaurant photos from your existing library on your device. HappyCow never accesses your photos until you choose to view them from within the app.
* Camera: The HappyCow app allows you to take photos of your favorite restaurants and we encourage your to share them with other HappyCow users. The app stores these with your other pictures on your device so you can admire them whenever you please or upload at a later date. We never access your camera or save photos until you perform those actions from within the app.

8) How do I get my Trips / Favorites onto the app from my member account?
To get your Trips / Favorites to your device from your member account, view Trips or Favorites page in your app, and from that page click on the "sync" button in the upper right corner. Then choose, "Download from your account", then "Ok" on the next dialog. You may download from your member account to multiple devices by logging in and following the same steps.

9) How do I save my Trips / Favorites from the app into my member account?
To get your Trips / Favorites from your device to your member account, view them, and from that page click on the "sync" button in the upper right corner. Then choose, "Save to your account", then "Ok" on the next dialog.

10) I bought the app previously, but needed to reset my phone (or got a new phone). Do I need to pay again?
Once you buy the app, you own it. There is no need to pay again to download it as long as you login to the Google Play Store with the same Google ID / email account on the new device.
Additional note: The cost to download is a one-time fee, there is no subscription, nor additional costs.

11) What's the difference between the Full version and the Free (upgraded) app?
We started with a paid version which goes to support the high development costs of creating and maintaining the app. Later on we decided to offer a free version so that it was more accessible to everyone. The free model is constantly being improved and at this time there is an in-app upgrade which gives you the same functionality as the Full version app, but without the need to download a separate app. Functionality in the Upgraded Free version and Full version is identical.

Do you have a question that was not answered here? Or is there a feature you'd like to see added? - email us

How can I install applications using those strange squares?

  1. Those squares contains information included in them.
  2. You can use your phone's camera to read that information.
  3. In order to read that information, you need a special program installed on your phone.
  4. We recommend the use of a program called 'Barcode Scanner'.
  5. With it you will be able to read those squares and easily install your desired programs
  6. To install the scanner:
    a) Go to 'Market' on your Android-powered device.
    b) Select 'Search'.
    c) Enter 'Barcode Scanner' into the search field.
    d) Once you've found the 'Barcode Scanner' app, touch to install.
    e) Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with the installation.

Support This Project:

Please support this app. Any amount of money you contribute will go directly toward making this app better! Use PayPal or email us for our mailing address. Much thanks!

Report technical difficulties - here

If you have any complaint, please email us what you'd like to see improved.

If you find this App useful, please remember to return to Market to rate & review it. We appreciate your positive feedback.

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