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14130 Juanita Dr NE, Bothell, USA

Best vegan pizza around

I benefit from having a job where I go pretty much everywhere in the Pacific Northwest so I've had the chance to visit some great places (like the Pizza Institute in Eugene). This is probably the best vegan pizza place I've found. I tried two wholy different varieties. Both w/ he vegan cheese (they also offer a veggie soy- but it has casein). Crusts were great, toppings were abundent but not too much, inclusion of roasted sunflower seeds on one & cashows on the other was just "icing on the cake". Highly recommended. Friendly staff to boot (a change from some other veggie places who must think they're took cool for that kind of thing).

1140 Main St, Napa, USA

Ubuntu - Bantu for "overpriced & still hungry"

So if you want fu-fu & a restaurant that rhymes w/ that word, I suggest Ubuntu.

I traveled for a living for 5 years. I've eaten at hundreds of vegan/vegetarian restaurants all across the US but Ubuntu ranks as the most expensive / least fulfilling combo to date.

Not only are the items on the menu more interested in presentation than taste, but to claim to be "vegan friendly" & have one (1!) vegan dessert (sorbet- good grief) on the menu? It was almost insulting.

Save your money: Buy fancy plates, squirt sauce out of a diner ketchup bottle in random patterns & colors & call it a day.

111 Central Ave, Pacific Grove, USA

Been around forever. Not bad considering

So first off I will say that I've eaten here on a number of occassions. I generally find it to be satisfactory & recognize that there aren't many options in the area, it being "seafood country" & all. Their version of the veggie patty is pretty good & finding vegan options isn't difficult. I am writing to comment about the cakes: Don't buy them! I was there recently on a trip & picked up two different slices. One chocolate, one vanilla. Both were so dry they were unedible. My wife was complaining about hers & I said something glib like "yeah, well I got you a cake & this is the kind of thanks I get." 30 minutes later when I tried mine I begged forgiveness. Not just dry. Dry beyond comparison.

Again, other choices on the menu are perfectly fine & you'll have a wide selection. Try the cake if you'd like, but be careful- $7.00 for a frosted toasted tortilla is bit pricy for my tastes.

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