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Dungji Building, 1432 Dunsan-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon, South Korea

Imaginary Restaurant

07 Feb 2011

I don't think this place exists, or maybe it went out of business a while ago. I have looked for it and even went with a Koran friend who asked around the neighborhood for where it could be, but we couldn't find it. Schucks!

1F, Convention Center, 4-19, Doryong-Dong, Daejeon, South Korea

Not there anymore

07 Feb 2011

This place does not exist anymore. I went there once, but they have recently changed into a Korean restaurant called Bob's Korean Restaurant. There is a Loving Hut in Sintanjin now though, and they are great!

Yuseong-gu, Banseok-dong 640-3, New Town Plaza 905, Daejeon, South Korea

My Favorite Restaurant in Korea!!!

18 Jun 2010

This place is amazing! Very cheap and delicious!

23, SongChonbuk-ro, DaeDeok-Gu, DaeJeon, Daejeon, South Korea

Great place, great food, great owners!

07 Feb 2011

This place is wonderful! The food is made with care and lvoe and you can really taste that they put some effort and time into what they make. Most Loving Huts are terrible because the cooks just microwave up some fake meat and put no effort into what they're doing, but this Loving Hut in Sintanjin is just the opposite. They use fresh veggies and make their own sauces. This place gets a 10/10.

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