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61 Victoria Street West, Auckland

Love the Loving Hut

21 Apr 2013

Certainly nothing bad to say about this cafe. The food selection is huge and hard to decide what to try on my first visit. My non vege husband was even very impressed (and that is not an easy thing to do)! Servings sizes are plentiful and very affordable prices, There is a light lunch menu, entrees and mains for those with a large appetite (you could share a meal easily). Unfortunately I couldn't try the desserts as I was so full from my hotpot, I even had to take the leftovers with me as I could not get through it!
I certainly will be eating here again at my next visit to Auckland, wish there were more around NZ. Love the vibe of this place and the safe are down to earth and lovely. Love what you do!

45 Hastings St, Napier

Interesting experience

25 Feb 2012

I know I always have trouble enjoying eating out when I take my young children. But this particular day I have decided I must check out this cafe, this cafe has been open for some time now and I needed to see what I have been missing out on. I'm not from Napier, so I made it an important part of my Saturday agenda to go there on a visit to Napier. There are no sole Vegetarian/Vegan cafe's in my home town, which is a crying shame, sure I would love to open one, however I don't have the financial backing yet. In the mean time I will try to experience as many vegetarian cafes as I can.

OK, back to the cafe, I found it very clean and fresh. A homely feel to it, I loved the selection of food. My children had eaten somewhere else (non vegetarian they are), so I chose a pizza and the vegan chocolate brownie to share with my little ones. They were both yummy, my daughter wanted the brownie, she thought it was delicious.

My concerns of the cafe:
As my daughter has a spot of "can't sit still for long" I was chasing her around the store quite a bit, enough so that our food was cleared away before we had finished. My bag was still on the chair, so we hadn't even left. And when I went to the kitchen to ask for it back (seconds after it was cleared away), the lady had a blank expression. I got it back, otherwise I would have had to ask for a replacement! But it doesn't stop there, I felt I was completely invisible at the counter, some people came in while I was waiting to be served, well, I was completely ignored. I lead an extremely busy life and time is of the essence, to be honest, I found it all a very frustrating experience.

I will go back to try it out again, but if I get the same kind of service I wont be back there, which will be a shame as Hawke's Bay needs at least one Vegetarian cafe!

88 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland

Quest for a Vegetarian Lunch lead me here

20 Feb 2012

Being new to Auckland, I am so grateful for this website and GPS. Anyhow that aside I walked from Parnell to this great store and cafe. I enjoyed a mixed salad. There were plenty of salads to choose from and yummy vegan dressings to top them off. The raw dessert I had was an Apricot and Coconut Cheesecake which I ended up eating later in the day as the salad was very filling. When I did enjoy the cheesecake, it was very fresh tasting, light and fresh. I would recommend this place for sure and would love to go back when I'm next in Auckland to taste more vegan delights.
Updated from previous review on Monday February 20, 2012

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