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103 Lincoln St, Santa Cruz, USA

Don't waste your time!!!!

I was so excited to find out that we had a new vegan restaurant in SC. I came in about a week or two ago, and it was a terrible experience. The food is overpriced for what they give you. I ordered a raw "pizza"- it was a very small piece of "dough" with a white creamy blob on one side and a red blob on the other. It tasted exactly like cheap bruschetta in a very sickingly way. The "pizza" was very small, smaller than a CD, and it cost ~10. They put a "salad" on the side (spinach with almost no dressing). They never got us our water even though we asked three times. The waiters did not pay us any attention which was odd since there were a few of them and its a very small place. The cooks forgot to make my "pizza" so we waited about 45 minutes for our food!! My friend said her food was "ok", nothing to come back for.
Terrible service and terrible food. I'll stick with Saturn Cafe and Dharmas!

105 S River St, Santa Cruz, USA

Great if its the kind of food you like!

I'm not a picky eater, but I don't like weird things in my sushi (Ex. broccoli). As a vegan, I really only was interested in the inari since all the other rolls I've tried there ended up tasting just way too weird for me. The inari is NOT normal- they put carrots and such in it... Not a fan. At all.
For a veg/an who likes strange food, this place would be perfect.
Also, its a perfect date scene.
Personally, I love Pink Godzilla for vegan sushi!

145 Laurel St, Santa Cruz, USA


I love Saturn Cafe with a deep and fiery passion. I still haven't tried everything on the menu yet (I want that french toast still!!!) but things that I have ordered have been amazing. They have great burgers (portabello mushroom, normal vegi burger), french fries, sodas (sounds weird, but they're cane sugar and special), tequitos, salad, ect.
My meat eating friends love it too.
For a poor college student it can seem a little pricey, but in reality its worth it because they give you such a good portion of food. Service has always been great.
Atmosphere is funky, I like it even though I'm very not funky and I still fit in.

5050 Soquel Dr, Soquel, USA


I came here not too long ago, and I immediately loved it. They are much more veg friendly than Star of Siam. However, its a pretty small space for a restaurant. Parking also sucks, you have to park down the street (not that bad I suppose). The veganized my pad thai and it was soooo good. The service was really good too, they were very on top of their customers and wanted to help.

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