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3234 Main St, Buffalo, USA

My favorite local eatery

26 May 2009

My favorite local eatery, even though they're not completely vegan, they're VERY vegan friendly and have a lot to choose from on the menu. The atmosphere is great, very low key and DIY, all plates and mugs are different, and one is allowed to draw on there place mats and post it on the wall. They're always playing some alt. music put on by the employee's (whom are very friendly).

1700 E Main St, Richmond, USA

Cafe Gutenberg-Yummo!

25 May 2009

Food was amazing! We order a Caesar salad with grilled tofu, biscuits and gravy and mock duck with dipping sauce. Although food took a while to arrive at our table, it was worth every second! Great atmosphere, they were quick to notice our veganism! Can't wait to get back there! Yum!

948 W Grace St, Richmond, USA


25 May 2009

This was my 1st visit to an all vegan Chinese joint, and I must say that I was upset that I didn't have enough money to try everything on the menu. The service was great, the people were really friendly.

I picked mock scallops, mock crab rangoon, and mock beef & broccoli... and the food was incredible! It was greezy, as expected, but damn delicious! I highly recommend!
I didn't buy the buffet, which was there, but that looked awesome as well, so maybe next time :-)

385 Broadview Avenue, Toronto, Canada

Not Bad....

04 Apr 2011

Not too bad, I can't say anything negative really because I liked everything.
My barbeque tofu was a bit plain, it lacked side vegetables and the barbeque could have been a lot more thick and rich. The Tofu could have been baked more (or fried or flame grilled) I did however like the creamy potato soup, but that also could have been much-much more thicker consistency. But was all satisfying none the less.

I also ordered 3 appetizers, all were amazing. Fried nuggets, prawns, and a 3rd I do not remember were all really delicious.

288 Monroe Ave, Rochester, USA

Nice place to drop in and eat

04 Apr 2011

I went here about 2 years ago...

Very friendly staff, they do not bother you. The food looks like poop on a plate, but... I have to say it was very delicious and I enjoyed most of it. I can only say that because I know NOTHING about Ethiopian food, this was my 1st, and I would most certainly go back.
The only thing I didn't like too much was the atmosphere, it looked kind of thrown together like they didn't know what to do or where to put what. That could use some improvement for sure.

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