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This is a GREAT Whole Foods Market! Whole Foods Market
Awesome little Health Food Store!! CLOSED: Kathleen's Health Nut Hut
Amazing Vegan Indian and Carribean Food Curry in a Hurry
Good vegan restaurant, but beware .... Bodhi Tree Vegetarian Cafe
Awesome Vegan Food! The Veggie Grill - El Segundo

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More About Me

Reasons why I prefer to eat vegetarian or vegan:

I love ALL animals, and believe that a cow or chicken is the same as a dog or cat, so why should cows and chickens be treated with less dignity, kindness and compassion, while most people wouldn't think about eating a dog or a cat ? All animals are God's creation, and we are not supposed to be eating them.

I joined HappyCow Members Community because:

I've been using Happy Cow for several years to get information on Vegan and vegetarian restaurants, and I liked reading the reviews too. I finally decided that I've been getting a lot from Happy Cow and its members, and it's time for me to give back by submitting my reviews of vegan / vegetarian places that I go to as well. Maybe my review may help someone try out a vegan / vegetarian restaurant.

Here are some places I've been that I liked... and places that I would like to visit one day:

Lots of places ..... I love England especially the Great Lakes and The Yorkshire Dales, like visiting counries in Asia and have been to several. Would love to visit India, China and Japan someday. I love living in the US and I think it's a fascinating country, with lots of wonderful and easily accessible vegan and vegetarian restaurants and other establishments (cafes, health food stores, bookstores, etc). Until you visit another country that's completely different, you'll never appreciate what we have here in the US. If I had another chance at life, or if I'm back on this earth again, I'll probably go to Japan and study the traditional Japanese / Buddhist art of making animal-free foods. Unfortunately, it's not going to happen in this lifetime as I have too many commitments right now.

Some of my favorite veg*n foods include:

Tofu, tempeh, seitan, mushrooms especially oyster mushrooms, all types of beans and grains, homemade soymilk and tofu are 2 things I love, but I rarely have the time for that these days ...... I'm fascinated with the traditional Buddhist monks' art of faux meat making, and I love Japanese Temple food (Shojin Ryori). I also love mangoes and strawberries.

Here are some books, movies, magazines, and my favorites that I would recommend to other HappyCow members:

I love vegan and vegetarian cookbooks, and have a large collection of them.


Hi Val...

Just wanted to say that for some people that decision to be vegan or to transition from vegetarian to vegan can be difficult. While some people can feel convicted enough to say that they would not consume animals for sustenance, the vegan choice requires recognising subtle points that not many people may not easily see or even understand. Also, I think that where people live and the accessibilty to vegan choices also plays a part on the ability for some people to be vegan. Understanding what you need to do, wanting to do it and being able to continue doing it takes a lot of effort and can be assisted by really believing in something that would make you want to choose a vegan lifestyle. Examples would be wanting to reduce animal cruelty, wanting to have a healthier diet, having respect for the sparks of life that exist in the world we live in or even just wanting to live harmoniously with the rest of the creations that share our common thread...However, finding that conviction is easy for some but more difficult for others.

Ellen Montal

No problem. I'm really excited about going to Lobby Day in Albany on Wednesday. What are you up to? You were saying that there isn't too much vegan restaurants where you are. How are you dealing with that?

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