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One of the aspects that defines my character most is that I'm deeply interested in ethics. This has among other things brought me to the conclusion of being an avid environmentalist, a Pro-Life activist, and a vegan. I am one of those rare breeds that crosses over into not normally associated issues because I resist the tendency towards group think. As a result I have developed deeply independent spiritual views that sometimes incorporates elements to various religious thought. In essence I believe there is a higher power that only the self can know what truth is in communion with that power. No book nor person can tell you otherwise without some sort of induction taking place. As one can tell I highly value the deductive process.
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bloomington, Indiana, USA
01 Jun 2008
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The Cliffs of Slieve league
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Deep Ecology, World Without
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David Bowie, John Denver, Joni Mitchell, Sting
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30 Aug 2011
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Best Buffet Yak and Yeti - Westminster
Liked the theme The Peace Tree Juice Cafe
Reminds me of a small quaint co-op Moonflower Market
Heavy on meat substitutes but still really goid The Owlery
Good for the Money Gumbo Ya Ya

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More About Me

Reasons why I prefer to eat vegetarian or vegan:

The three main reasons are compassion towards animals, environmental, and health. But pretty much my primary reason for living the vegan lifestyle is that I believe it unethical to kill another animal even for food unless ones very survival is at state. I do realize some people are in this position like Eskimos however the vast majority of the world is in a position to eat vegan. I believe with education and a little spiritual growth maybe even a majority of the world will become vegetarian and hopefully vegan.

I joined HappyCow Members Community because:

To review a vegetarian Restaurant I love in town called "Roots" you should check it out if you are ever in town.

Here are some places I've been that I liked... and places that I would like to visit one day:

I've been all over eastern Europe, the States, seen a bit of Russia, Brazil, and Australia. To date my favorite places were Ireland, Scotland, Italy and Brazil. I would love to see Thailand and maybe even India. I however understand how taxing air travel can be on the environment so I am cautious not to take too many trips.

Some of my favorite veg*n foods include:

Peaches, Asparagus, pinnacle, cherries, almonds, cashews, spinach, artichoke hearts, and arugula,

Here are some books, movies, magazines, and my favorites that I would recommend to other HappyCow members:

Deep Ecology, The World Without Us, The Celestine Prophecy, and The Power of Now

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Posted on 22 Apr 2009

Well its complicated. I first tried vegetarianism about 12 years ago. This time around I have been vegetarian for about 3 years straight.

As for being vegan I am about 99% vegan 1 % vegetarian. I do on occasion depending on the circumstances eat non vegan. Usually if I'm offered something, something is going to go to waste, or there is no reasonable other option if I'm eating out.

I'm curious what brought this up for you.

What about yourself? Are you vegan or wanting to go vegan? I'd be interested in reading more.

Enjoy the day

Paul : )

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