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Redheaded Chameleon, Chocolate Bars and Naked Protests! Check out 'LIVING LA'' on Geekweek Live, every Wednesday night 8PM PST/ 11PM EST! Geekweek.com/LIVE ***Represented by Kristi Wright for DL White & Associates, Inc. ● 515 South Flower Street, 36th Floor ● Los Angeles, CA 90071 ● Office: 949.637.6602 ● Fax: 213.236.3501 ● [email protected]*** ***Managed by Jeff Goodman Management ●Phone: 949.973.5129 ● [email protected]*** FAN MAIL can be sent to: MegganAnderson.com, P.O. Box 2797, Beverly Hills, California 90213. Thank you for all the support!!! XO - Meggan*=) ____________________________________________________________________ Let's see, where do I begin? I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. I moved to North Carolina when I was very little (I sadly do not remember Hawaii). I used to have a severe speech impediment that took around 10 years of therapy and a TON of Orthodontic work to fix (thanks mom and dad!) Now I can't keep my mouth shut sometimes! When I was 11, I started to play the flute. I've had that love affair ever since and now have 2 degrees in the flute. I love classical, folk and Irish flute music the best. I can also play the piano and I like the harmonica. I have always liked animals as far back as I can remember...ever since I had my first dog Hattie as a kid. I am a Vegan. I believe that no one should eat or use any part of an animal that causes them harm. Let's face it, the animals you eat now did not "die of a natural death." I do a lot of political demonstrations with PETA, and yes I Do take my clothes off in order to save animals. I have a rescued cockatiel named Scooby. He's my co-pilot. I believe that animals should NOT live in tanks and cages. It's unnatural and it is wrong. I would love nothing more than to be able to set my bird free if I know he could live in his native Aussie land and know how to live a natural and free life. I'm extremely Liberal and I am probably the biggest Environmentalist you will ever meet! Global warming IS NOT A MYTH and we do not have until 2050 to get our act together…we need change right now! People need to think twice before having children…We all contribute to it and all of us must take care of this beautiful rotating playground that we have in the universe called Earth. My dream house is a self-sustained and off-grid. My dream car for now is the Tesla Roadster, and I think that hemp is one of Earth’s miracle plants…and no, hemp is not marijuana! I am a medicinal marijuana supporter and user and I make no appoligies. I think that the USDA and the FDA are the most corrupt organizations on the planet and I do think that America should return to the values that our forefathers laid down for us and not into the corrupt and selfish one it is today. I’m into camping and yes I am a card carrying member of the Unlimited National Parks pass. I think all the land should be protected like national parks. I think that Native Americans should not be confined to a 21st century concentration camp of poverty. We were the ones that took their land back in the day. I have Sound→Color Synesthesia, so I have a different view on the world then most people*;) Don't feel sorry for me, I wouldn't have life any other way! I am a chameleon for my occupation, which I love! Acting allows me to be someone who I am not and I believe that the stories that actors help to tell heal, entertain and enlighten everyone and I am honored to be apart of that process. I am a chameleon of every shade, but I love comedy the best. I love to make people smile and laugh. I believe that the Earth laughs through flowers and comedy helps us humans to take a break from our own reality and to laugh and enjoy ourselves.
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Los Angeles, California
24 Oct 2011
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