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I've been an atheist for even longer than I've been a vegetarian/vegan.

I think atheism and the questioning mind it promotes played a role in my education about animal issues.

Some folks choose to build a wall between atheists and believers that cannot be breached.

I've had the pleasure of working with Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Jains, Hindus and others in my animal rights efforts. I include quite a number of "believers" among my most important teachers.

The fact that we don't always agree has not stopped me from appreciating and benefitting from the views of religious folks as well as atheists.

People who build walls have less time for building bridges.

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    Posted by flower19 at 11/02/16 12:20:52

    All people are different and we should learn to live in this diversity. But it' so interesting!

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    Posted by Robinwomb at 11/04/16 09:27:13

    Very beautifully said ahimsa32fa! I embraced my atheism (something I tried to hide and deny for years) years after I went vegan. I joined an atheist vegan group online and was surprised at some of the nastiness towards religions and religious people. I was hoping for a safe place to talk about my uncertainties and feelings, and how to cope with living with a person that is strongly Christian but whom I still love on many levels, but I wouldn't open up there for anything now.

    It is truly important to reach out to all cultures, races, religions etc in terms of animal rights advocacy, and not shut one group out while praising another. Veganism is something everyone can embrace, whether one is conservative, religious, poor, rich, whatever.

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