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I have always felt compassion for animals and people, but when I talk about how sad I felt when a deer was killed or what good veggie dishes there are to eat, many times people will either tease me, mock me or brag about how much meat they like. Why? This even happens with family, really 'nice' people as well as others. I do not tell anyone they need to do as I do; I hope they will, but I never lecture.

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    Posted by cookies and cream at 07/22/10 09:39:17

    oh, sweety ignore them. my sisters tried to force me into eating hotdogs. ew. they all think i'm nuts for doing that. ignore those jerks!

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    Posted by Peace ... at 07/22/10 19:23:17

    I think it is great to have compassion to animals and people.

    Different people has different views based on our social conditioning, upbringing, educations, life circumstances, past experiences, beliefs etc Therefore what we feel, what we think and what we belief might not be what other thinks and feel too. If able to accept this fact, then, things will be much easier.

    We can share our views and experiences but have a realistic expectation or better still no expectation at all. At long as we have a expectation e.g people will not tease or mock or brag when we talk about this issue, then we are will be disappointed, feel bad because we have unconsciously set up a guideline internally for comparing the result.

    If we have no expectation at all, whatever response, reaction will be fine. If they can be receptive, that is fine. If they can't it is also OK. We can be open and let things be as it is. We can be positive, might even able to maintain a positive and sincere smile even under not so favourable situation.

    By doing that, we project a positive attitude and that could influence other too and they will also behave in the same way. When the door is open, then we can share more and other can be more receptive (again, no expectation on this too).

    The main purpose of doing this , is to not to let ourselves feel bad, drain our energies and plant negativities in our brain that the world can't accept vegetarianism etc, only then we can do more good stuff for the animals and helping them. We cannot afford to waste our limited resources.

    Let them talk as much as they want, it train us to have a better listening power, it train our patience, our acceptance of unflavour things, it trains our compassionate to them too.
    Prompt then with questions that will let to positive discoveries, if it is appropriate and relevance.

    Let them brag too, WHY NOT? Only via all these information that we can find where the blockage etc is (discovery from one person, it can also apply to some other) and see whther we can find what is the best communication and style that can point them to see good thing in vegetarianism.

    We must have the positive thinking that one day, with more information, more awareness, more good conditioning and programming, more time, more space, they will be more receptive and welcome veg*n diet more and more in the future even it is not 100% yet.
    Things are impermanence, any views or ideas are subject to change.

    Have confident in them, only then we can move forwards.

    People didn't attach our sensitivity, we have to power to chose not to view in this way and that situation will never do us any harm.

    This is what I think, you can alway disagree with me : )

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    Posted by Unborn108 at 12/28/11 23:50:10

    When they become unhealthy later on due to their diets,they won't scorn you again.
    We keep harping on how humanity has "progressed"since olden times,yet lifestyle illnesses like diabetes,hypertension,heart disease are the scourges of modern living.
    In Singapore,where living standards are by no means low,the incidences of such maladies are also not low.....
    Personally,I believe the causes are karmic in nature-----directly or indirectly causing needless distress to these lower animals which have the capability to perceive fear and pain like us.
    I turned vegetarian when I thought deeply and long about the sufferings(the terror,the physical pain)these dumb creatures go through just to satisfy human palates.We can't stand idly by if we see an adult bullying a little child.Animals such as the cow,chicken,duck,turkey or pig are even more pitiful than the child as they can't talk,and are subjected to great pains and fear during slaughter.
    Just ignore them when they mock you again.Maybe they get irritated by your "sermons".You can try more round-about ways to introduce vegetarianism/veganism to your friends/relatives,not mount a frontal assault.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 12/31/11 08:56:45

    I applaud and thank you for your compassion, Loosly! I think people react that way because they are threatened. In that moment, it is too much for them to truly contemplate what you are talking about. Also, most people feel tremendous pressure to conform to what they perceive as societal norms, especially in a group setting. I've found that your words about compassion toward animals are never wasted. It sinks in to people's minds. But that's just it, they need time to process it and let it sink in.

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    Posted by petcrusader at 01/02/12 13:17:10

    Never, ever apologise for being a compassionate person. I wish I understood why people are like that. I'll never forget the following story. Years ago I was speaking with the husband of a good friend of my mother. He was intelligent, well educated, and a success in his field. I was talking about how I loved animals, and wanted to work with them. His response: he told me I needed psychiatric help, and he wasn't trying to be funny. Ignore the idiots, and take pride in the type of person you are.

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    Posted by sean o at 01/03/12 18:37:36

    lol....get used to it....dont feel bad be proud you made a choice and your stickin to it

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    Posted by baban78 at 10/18/12 16:37:23

    I don't think you should let them attack your sensitivity. You should let them know in a civilized manner that they are disrespectful and hurt your feelings. If they continue to do it then you should warn them that you will no longer honor them with your presence. Simple as that. You don't want to be around people with negative attitude. This way you'll make them take you seriously. If not, you haven't lost much from not being around them.

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    Posted by Longdrive at 12/30/12 04:01:43

    As a child I would love going to the fairground. One of my favourite booths contained walls lined with mirrors which grossly distorted every reflection. Life's like that. We sometimes think we know who were are but what we put out is reflected back to us, and often we don't like what we see. Sometimes we need to do no more than be ourselves in order to inadvertently reflect back to others who they TRULY are. Many people adopt a 'blame culture' and choose to attack a perfect mirror.

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    Posted by DC1346 at 05/25/13 23:26:01

    As people we tend to think in terms of categories. We categorize everything ... foods we like and dislike, favorite colors, favorite music, political orientation, social-economic status, attractive/non-attractive, spiritual/non-spiritual etc.

    As you have already noted, when you criticize the eating habits of others you're setting yourself up as "that kooky vegan."

    If you adopt a live and let live attitude, I think you'll be a lot happier.

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    Posted by DeGoshReed at 05/25/13 23:53:31

    It's an implied superiority of being vegan that places you on a high horse. People hate to feel inferior so they have to take you down a peg. I see this from time to time. Like a previous comment the group dynamics play a big role. Most people in a one on one setting will be civil. I don't know why people have to act that way in a group. I deal with it by taking and giving jabs back and forth. Usually I can end up on top of the conversation. If you are not as socially agile just stand your ground and stay centered don't fall for there traps to get you mad.

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    Posted by Lola trying improve at 01/17/14 14:20:43

    Believe in your creeds and never give up of them! You're an excellent human being! Stay in peace! I'm trying and working to be just like you! Thanks to inspire me.

    Stay heathy, stay in peace.

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    Posted by The Hammer at 01/19/14 04:35:55

    Welcome to the family ! Let this be a good lesson to see behind the smile and the "niceness" of people. You can be happy to be YOU and not be like them.

    Remember they do it out of insecurity.

    Thanks for being you. ;-)

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