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In my opinion are just two words that don't go well together!

I'm a very spiritual gal, i'm into Thorwald Dethlefsen and Rüdiger Dahlke teachings about illness/health (understanding illness before it can be cured), phases of life (as in different time for different things, a time to be 'young' a time to be 'old').

On my spiritual journey I also encountered the teaching of Doreen Virtue. Her works revolve around the angels. She is also vegan since 1996. In recent months she has been talking a lot more about issues such as the integrity, environment, saving animals, signing petition, importance to go and vote, yes to 37, etc. all thing that I completely agree with.

On the other hand, I can't help but notice that she is doing somethings against what is preaching, one of them being her need to use plastic surgery and Botox on herself.

I really don't understand how can someone be preaching veganism and then go and use Botox who is tested on animals! It really does not make sense.

I know that in the US surgery and Botox are such a big thing, especially for celebrities, but I also feel that if you are preaching integrity you should be integral and walk your talk. One main reason being that you are setting the example. Another that if you a spiritual teacher you should learn to love yourself as you are, without the need to change one thing.

The other thing is that the use of plastic surgery and Botox in which i do not believe in, is making me question other areas of her life in which she might not be integral and true. I'm not attempting to judge her, (I deeply love and respect her work from my heart) but I'm merely trying to understand it.

What do you think?

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    Posted by GaPTrixie at 12/30/12 14:49:12

    Transsexuals and ciswomen who use Premarin should stop for similar reasons. Not to mention it is hazardous. Extremely so.

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    Posted by Longdrive at 01/12/13 09:49:12

    Giulia, I like your post. It raises a very interesting question, albeit I shudder when someone describes themselves as 'spiritual' unless of course confessing to being a winebibber. Certainly on the dating site I recently joined 'VeggieDate' the 'spiritual' women tend to be the rudest of all. Invite them, with a neutral communication, to a forthcoming party and around half their number press the link 'Banned from communicating further.' So, labels can be misleading, but possibly not in your case. Which leads me into the point in issue: If someone say bears the label 'alcoholic,' should that person be ridiculed for preaching the benefits of temperance? I personally think not. In life one can often see the benefit in something, and indeed aspire to it, but for whatever reason not quite achieve it oneself. One could argue that such a person is to be admired - advocating their belief whilst concurrently exposing their own vulnerability and being open to ridicule.

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    Posted by GiuliaMauri at 02/15/13 04:13:23

    Thank you Longdrive, I really appreciate you reply and I think I can learn a lot from it. Just to be clear, I really do admire her work; I have several of her books and card decks; I personally went to see her speaking twice and always include her in my prayers. So I do admire her. I do believe she is highly spiritual and gifted; so this is precisely why I don't understand how can a spiritual leader not practice integrity. It sort of makes me question everything else, which I suppose it's a good thing really! Thank you again.

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    Posted by smitasharma54 at 04/05/14 01:15:52

    Botox is made from toxins produced by a bacteria. This bacteria is probably cultured on an animal based medium. So if you want to get super technical it isn't vegan.

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    Posted by ScottBang at 02/16/15 20:50:07

    I think she's a hypocrite. Plus she is teaching women to be superficial. She's setting a standard for women that is unreasonable. She always gets botox and never shows any signs of aging. I saw a picture from her a while back and her nose is completely different and her cheeks and lips look different too.

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    Posted by SilverMoonrain at 01/22/17 22:14:01

    Hi all!
    I am aware this is an old post , however I believe it would be fair to add another reply with a different approach rather than criticism, for perhaps future readers. The above post is an interesting one with good and fair points on veganism. I came across the blog, provided below, which has an answer to the above questions straight from Doreen Virtue herself. Below is the link:

    Additionally, personally I would like to add that although I myself also prefer the teachers and passionate people that inspire me to follow their own teachings, their actions, whenever do not match their words, can not affect me. It is their choice and only how they act . Now, if their teachings are inspiring to me and awaken within me the excitement to improve myself and my life, then it is my passion to succeed this improvement and only that , which matters. And blessed they are for their given inspiration. How anyone else, including those teachers and inspirers, chooses to live is only their business and non of my own and has no power over me and should not have any.
    I believe if we all see things this way, minding our own business and let others be as they wish to, then we will be way happier and energized to do what expresses our happiness more, daily.

    Again no judgments here, just sharing my own approach that works for me.



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