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Yoga means union, implied in this word is union with the divine. To practice Yoga only as an exercise regime is to miss the point entirely. I have been to many Yoga studios and the burning of incense, a statue in the corner and a group Mantra repetition monthly is not Yoga.

Yoga is a method of physical submission to the highest spiritual realizations of one’s mind, heart, and Atman. One should begin Yoga by visualizing the Yidam or Ishtadevata of one’s life’s intonement, the physical representation of one’s guiding Bodhisattva or Deva, in front of one’s Yoga mat. The entire breath centered practice of Yoga is a physical submission to that divinity firmly established at the front of one’s Yoga prayer mat. Each breath is the gift of life received from and dedicated to the sacred Yidam or Ishtadevata. The entire practice of Yoga is a prayer for union and atonement with that divinity and the actual oneness that naturally occurs in a vivid visionary state during Yoga. Then after the Yoga practice is completed, after a short rest in the Shavasana Asana, meditation is absolutely necessary. The whole point of Yoga, its entire purpose is to benefit the physical act of meditation.

Meditation can only be performed successfully by vegans. Yoga is a vegan art form. If one consumes animal products, their entire practice is spent arguing with angry animal spirits.

To center one’s self in vegan Yoga and vegan meditation, one should always refer to their Yidam or Ishtadevata waiting majestically in front of one’s Yoga prayer mat as a vegan; to honor the Earth, the cows, the environment, and the highest truth. Nama Vegan Maha Deva, Nama Vegan Avalokiteshvara, Nama Vegan Shakti Devi, Nama Vegan Gurudev etc. are all acceptable methods for addressing the divine, to reach true states of vegan Yoga, of vegan Deva and vegan Jhana.

This is only the beginning. This is an elementary start to true Yoga realization. This vegan practice of Yoga and meditation goes much, much, much further.

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