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He who preserves all life throughout the multiverse demands that we participate in preserving and respecting life. Vegan lifestyles on Earth are the only acceptable method of living in accordance with the Creator and Preserver’s intention.

Vegan Shiva, the destroyer, is the greatest devotee of Vegan Vishnu. Even the destructive forces of the universe only serve the creative principle of Vegan Vishnu. All the wars, all the diseases, all the deaths and all the violence are functions of past Karma relating to non-vegan practices. Hunting, meat eating and animal sacrificing are the source of crime, war, subjugation, and disease. All of creation stems from Vegan Vishnu and the Karmic retribution for transgressing the established correct vegan life modality is serious, complete, and exact.

Morality has been established through the Vegan Vishnu Avatar of Vegan Buddha, Power and Justice has been established through the Avatar of Vegan Krishna, Loyalty and Dedication has been established through the Avatar of Vegan Rama, and all such other virtues are exemplified through the multitude of Vegan Vishnu’s incarnations on Earth.

Although in past Yugas the knowledge for vegan sources of vitamin B complex and D3 were unknown, and so milk and egg were consumed, the direction established has always been towards veganism not towards carnivorous debasement. Now we have these dietary supplements and so a vegan diet can be practiced without any problems. There is no excuse, everyone can be vegan. Anyone not practicing a vegan lifestyle suffers greatly in this life and every incarnation to come. There are no excuses, there are no exceptions. This is how life is preserved, by separating the wheat from the chaff.

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