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Translating the vast concept of Vegan Tantra into English is like calling Michelangelo’s art a bunch of pictures and some cut rocks. Tantra is a mysterious Sanskrit word that incorrectly conjures wild ceremonial sexual images in most people’s minds. The English word that best describes the word Tantra, as ordinary as it truly seems, is the word ‘practice.’

Let’s say someone is a Catholic. Let’s say this same person, on the way home from work every day, leaves the bus mid-way home and says a rosary at a church and then jumps back on another bus to go home to cook dinner and do dishes. The religion of that person may be Catholic, but their daily rosary is that person’s practice. Perhaps a person is Buddhist. Meditating twice a week and chanting with beads once a month is their practice or Tantra. A Hindu person may always fast before going to temple and eat afterwards. Such regular fasting is their practice or Tantra. A tree grows from a seed, but dancing in the wind is its Tantra.

Vegan Tantra means that there is an asserted effort to bring Vegan Consciousness into one’s life through a practice and that this practice is done in a vegan fashion. One might chant “Om Vegan Buddha” with seed beads strung as a Mala, or one might meditate or pray for a world vegan transformation every Tuesday holding saplings in pots. A Tantra can be one’s religion, but it need not be such.

The word religion in Sanskrit is likewise untranslatable into English. It is the word “Dharma” or more formally “Sanatana Dharma.” Dharma is the etymological word for the Arabic ‘Din’ and the English word ‘Dogma.’ Dharma, however, is far more reaching than the simple idea of dogma and is more clearly explained as the Way of Life. Sanatana means eternal or ever unfolding. Sanatana Dharma then means the ever-unfolding Way of life. There is another concept in Sanskrit concerning religion and that is “Sadhana” which refers to moral codes, vows, mores, and commitment to the spiritual path of the Sanatana Dharma as revealed through one’s Tantra.

Dharma is the cyclic structure of this multiverse. Dharma views Karma, love, reincarnation, destiny, family, career, interplanetary travel etc. as but simple components of the infinitely complex array of ever changing and moving sub-components of life. Dharma is not just your religion, but it is the fact that the sun and moon rise and set, and seasons occur so food can be grown so that you can be born from star dust to enact Vegan Dharma and dance your Vegan Tantra. You accomplish this purpose through cyclic repetitions of your Vegan Tantra as a resonance field of conscious awareness. Your Vegan Tantra is your existential ceremonial timeless dance of reverence and Vegan Dharma is the cosmic mainframe computer that disperses it as luminous cometary particles of enlightenment throughout this holographic multiverse.

We all need to offer greater Vegan Illumination to end ignorance and open all human consciousness to Vegan Truth. Through a Vegan Planetary Transformation we can end war, have plenty of water and food for all, end the greatest mass of suffering upon our planet of unnecessary animal slaughter for food and we can restore our planet’s ecology. Plants and minerals offer humans abundant food, medicine, housing, clothing, transportation and work. Plants also offer us a new method of Vegan Tantra and Vegan Dharma. All vegans should have exquisite Vegan Tantras in their lives so that there may be seeds of Vegan Wisdom and Truth that will carry across the time space barrier and into the mind of creation to grow a better Vegan World.

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    Posted by Flowforger at 06/18/17 00:52:25

    I thank you for the text! Love to be vegan and able to comprehend every sentence even though I had to re-read something plus two others:

    '''..."simple components of the infinitely complex array of ever changing and moving sub-components of life."

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 06/18/17 04:28:44

    View it as a quantum kaleidoscopic particle accelerator and it might make more sense. The problem in defining an ever changing, impermanent array of the Holographic Mandelbrot Set treasury of the Dharma is that there is only subjectivity at this level of analysis and so words tend to melt away.

    Components become sub-components when they fuse into larger amalgamated thought formations. They do not change during this process, they are just re-purposed.

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