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Vegan Buddha once said, “You are your own Guru.”

Anyone who tries to be your Guru or calls themselves a high Guru or a Supreme Guru or Master or Lama over others should be avoided; they are charlatans and frauds. One may only be such a thing to one’s self. Each person has a Vegan Buddha Nature and therefore everyone is completely Enlightened already. No one is greater than another. Some have walked this path longer or are better educated for the path or are more experienced from the path that they walk, but everyone is equal. Enlightenment is equal for all.

The reason why it rarely seems very Enlightened here on this Planet is because, due to compounding Karma, everyone has forgotten their Enlightenment. Eating meat and animal products is the biggest obstacle to being your true Vegan Buddha Guru Enlightened Nature.

The greatest tools for rediscovering your inner Guru are the chanting the names of Vegan Buddhas, Vegan Bodhisattvas, and Vegan Devas, reading of sacred texts that point one to the inner Vegan Deva, Vegan Devi, Vegan Bodhisattva, Vegan Guru or Vegan Buddha, and most of all correct meditation. These tools and a dedicated vegan diet, coupled with a little vegan medical herbology and some knowledge of astrology, some Yoga and disciplined morality should get things going in the correct direction. It is really that simple.

Om Vegan Buddha.

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