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Strong, beautiful, fragile, proportionate, symmetrical, sweet, fragrant, attractive, healing, liberating, intoxicating, and moving are only a few of the ways flowers affect us all. In ancient Woolly Tooth Mammoth days, cave dwellers buried their dead in the embryo position facing East in a grave filled with wild flowers. Flowers are given to loved ones to enhance the heart, they summon the bees and are given to the seriously ill.

In the 1960’s with the Hippy movement, the most popular poster in every flat was of a woman putting a flower in the barrel of a national guard’s rifle barrel with the caption “Flower Power” written underneath. This juxtaposition of a gentle flower somehow replacing military arms is not new, for over three thousand years Kammadeva, a Hindu god who also bears the name Mara, shoots arrows that upon release become flowers as experienced by the Buddha. Buddhist culture then brings the notion to the forefront in the most beautiful literature ever written called the Avatamsaka Sutra, translated by Thomas Cleary as “The Flower Ornament Scripture,” but by other translators as the “Flower Adornment Sutra.”

The sacred lotus is a multi-volume flower story of its own. The ancient Egyptians revered this plant as well as its cousin the blue lotus which is actually a blue water lily. Hindu, Buddhist, and Jains have made the lotus their religious symbol for millennium. The lotus is used in food production and medicine with virtually every part used and thus collected in differing seasons for potency.

The rose is sacred to Christians, Hindus and others, the cannabis flower is sacred to Californians and Coloradans, and the aster flower which is the proper name for daisy is named after the same Latin word for star. One receives a flower ley when arriving to Hawaii or any South Pacific Island. In India, the Guru wears a flower garland called a Var Mala and these same types of garlands are then exchanged by the bride and groom in the Hindu wedding ceremony. Sacred statues all over the world are strewn with flower petals as is the pathway of brides and royalty. Flowers are also in some cases edible and in other cases tea worthy. Flowers feed us, heal us, perfume us, anoint us, moisturize us, adorn us and surround us if we are blessed.

Flowers are non-denominational, non-discriminating and utterly vegan.

Which flower do you think should symbolize the Vegan Movement?

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 02/08/17 23:57:49

    I like Sun Flowers.

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