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Vegan Enlightenment is the central theme of vegan spirituality and vegan religion and it is also the fulfillment and crowning obtainment of all spirituality and religion. It is not simply the enlightenment of the vegan revolution concerning ecology, population control and animal compassion but extends into a shift of consciousness that happens through eating only vegan food. Vegan Enlightenment effects what and how a person consumes not limited to food; it effects inter-human relationships, it effects one's aesthetics, it effects philosophy and virtually every other aspect of one’s humanity. Vegan Enlightenment is the only method for overcoming ignorance, anger, and greed. Vegan Enlightenment overcomes all social, political, religious, and economic failures of the past. Vegan Enlightenment is our future unless we choose annihilation. Vegan Enlightenment is the choice for evolving life towards the corrected direction that will ascend humanity to its full potential thus fulfilling its ultimate purpose. Vegan Enlightenment exists within everyone’s heart and is naturally activated when one goes vegan.

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