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Everyone is genuinely good down deep in their truest nature. People make bad decisions which may make for great stories, but it also creates Karmic repercussions. When one bad choice leads to another and meets up with others that were made previously, it is a case of ‘Compounding Karma.’ We all suffer from compounding Karma from this life and uncountable past lives. Vegan Krishna says, “The ways of Karma are unfathomable.”

Under this complex web of weighty compounding Karma is a basically good person who wants to be loved and who wants to love, who wants to serve and who wants to live, who respects all of life and who truly is looking for a way out of all this deadening compounding Karma. Vegan Buddha Nature is the key that unlocks how we all can return to this basically good person, with no guile, no anger, no greed, no ignorance, no wrongful speech, no wrongful actions and no patterns that builds more compounding Karma.

The good news is that everyone already has a perfected Vegan Buddha Nature, it has just been 'deactivated.' So, let’s activate it. First one must go vegan. The only way to reach this pure essence of our truest nature of goodness which is our intended way of being, is to start with the first step of a thousand miles; go vegan.

If you are vegan, you probably already know that going vegan is the most important decision one can make to join the singular way of living that genuinely benefits of one’s own health, the environment, animal welfare, and most importantly is how going vegan benefits one’s consciousness through purification. Going vegan returns us to our ‘Natural State of Being.’ Our natural state of being, however, lacks the tools of enlightenment to progress us further into correcting our Karmic pathways.

After going vegan for at least two years, one begins to leave the transitional phase of a vegan lifestyle and begins to root into a permanent vegan lifestyle. It is from this point forward that one’s Vegan Buddha Nature can fully activate. If you have not yet passed the two-year mark, simply do the practices that opens one to their Vegan Buddha Nature. Have patience knowing that your true Vegan Buddha Nature will emerge in its full expression in time and that you may flash into it and out of it until you stabilize your vegan lifestyle choice.

The next step is to try your best at practicing the Five Precepts as guideposts for untangling the snarl of life we tend to create while living on our own without checking any apparent handy manual for reference. The precepts are simple, and through their simplicity reveal an almost impossible task. We must try over and again to improve our task and to forgive ourselves as we seek to peel back the layers of compounding Karma and reveal our Vegan Buddha Nature.

The Five Precepts are as follows:

1. No Killing.
2. No Stealing.
3. No Wrongful Speech.
4. No Inebriation.
5. No Sexual Misconduct.

It also helps to develop a system of correct meditation which can be acquired from any Buddhist monastery. Simply call one up and if they speak the English language, ask them if they can teach you how to meditate. You can supplement this information with YouTube videos, lectures, books and classes on both Meditation and the Five Precepts. Buddhist monasteries are not generally vegan and thus they may teach meditation techniques but they are not freeing themselves nor others from compounding Karma if they meditate, practice the precepts and then eat the tortured, dead remains of another murdered animal with alluring herbs and spices.

Buddhism only brings an individual into a practice that reaches the edge of true liberation, but it fails at completing the task unless it is coupled with a vegan diet. Also, many Buddhist temples, even the vegetarian temples, have animal skin drums. They will all tell you that you do not have to go vegan and that they hold the key to enlightenment. How can this be true if they drink the mammary secretions of other species after being weened, consume the embryos of birds and in many cases dead animal carcasses as well? They offer great educational tools, but the enlightenment is up to you. There is a vast difference between the Mahayana concept of a Buddha Nature and a true Vegan Buddha Nature.

One first interacts with one’s Vegan Buddha Nature through meditation. After years of meditation and years of a vegan diet, one begins to realize that it is during meditation when one practices the Five Precepts best and that when sitting in meditation, one is indeed closest to Vegan Buddha. It is during meditation that one visits one’s own internal Vegan Guru which is the source of one’s Vegan Buddha Nature. Later, both one’s internal Vegan Guru and one’s Vegan Buddha Nature are activated and are always present in one’s daily life. This occurs at the same time as all self-defeating patterns of Compounding Karma are challenged as they arise and overcome regularly.

If the years of commitment to practice scares you, do not worry. You have had billions of years of past lives, you will have billions of years of future lives and the few you spend in this process of purification, discovery and rectification is truly a small amount of time and effort compared to the results that will correct your life process now in this life and the next.

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