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This topic is for people who do astrology charts and are somewhat advanced in their understanding of Vegan Astrology. The following aspects are those I feel are the best type of transits for shifting into a vegan lifestyle. Please feel free to comment or add to this list:

Transiting Moon passing through the natal Sun sign with special attention to the solar conjunction.

This monthly cyclical aspect is great for fasting. Unfortunately, it happens so often that most astrologers are too busy to notice. When the Moon conjuncts the natal Sun it is a great moment for silent meditation. Because most non-vegans consider a vegan diet a form of fasting when they first start and continue to think this way through some of the early transitional period, it is a great time to start a vegan regime.

Transiting Saturn conjunct the natal Rising, Descendant, Nadir, Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Saturn is a brutal disciplinarian. Regimes, diets, and fasting are not tough enough for this King of Karma. Usually one fasts because of lack of money, deep heart break, a broken date or missing the restaurant or store before closing time bringing one to tears. Saturn on the rising fasts to lose weight, Saturn on the Descendent does so to obey, Saturn on the Nadir fasts out of sorrow, Saturn on the Sun does so because food no longer tastes good, Saturn on the moon fasts because everyone at the store and restaurant seem evil, Saturn on Venus does so because of no money, Saturn on Jupiter is finally fasting after reading all those Shiva Puranas, Saturn on Uranus fasts because of roommate and Ashram issues, On Neptune due to health problems and Pluto because a guru said to and no one loves you enough to change that decree. Fasting is good, but going vegan is a much better solution.

Transiting Neptune aspects:

Because it is time to either go vegan or face cancer treatments or ulcer tests or cholesterol heart issues.

Transiting Pluto Aspects:

Because a change is required in life.

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