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It is against Jewish, Islamic, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist traditions to worship planets and stars. In the Abrahamic traditions, the story of Nimrod is espoused, although, the historic roots of this story are rooted in ancient Sumerian tablets that reveal a very different and more historically authentic view of this tale. In Hinduism, it is in the Ramayana where Ravana’s role explains the problems of planet worshiping. In Buddhism, worshiping of planets is simply not practiced.

The contrarian view to these religious regulations is simple. Jesus was born under a star, the wise men followed a star. The stars were created in Genesis for signs, and in Revelation, the stars still play a foretelling role. Hindus use astrology regularly for ceremonies, calendars and arranged marriages. Tibetan Buddhists teach astrology, Islam gave the world the names of many stars and advanced astrology, pictures of Jesus and the Buddha frequently have solar halos that sometimes appear as Saturn’s rings rather than the sun’s corona, and the list goes on and on.

This is the basic question of Astro Theology. Does the Divine speak through the vastness of our universe or beyond into the multiverse? In terms of Vegan Astro Theology, the bigger question is this: Does a vegan diet which is based on the solar receptivity of plants speak of a universal divinity that is symbolically intoned throughout the multiverse and in all planetary and interdimensional phenomenon? In other words, is going vegan an act of intergalactic divinity?

The plants do not worship the sun and the moon, but they do respond to these celestial forces and other heavenly cycles including seasons so deeply and directly that it is part of their growth and life functions. Vegans live by plants and so vegans are invariably eating sunshine to live, as transmitted through plant wisdom. There is a sacredness of interstellar wisdom, planetary rotation and lunar blessings enfolded in every bite of vegan food. Vegan restaurants are temples to Vegan Astro Theology attesting to the power of solar generated plant food as the best and healthiest way of spiritual attunement, good health, ecological reverence and moral goodness.

To consciously acknowledge the sacredness of outer space and to ingest its miracle of life through plants that are composed of our planet’s annual cyclical tilting of seasons and our star’s sun light is to join the intergalactic Vegan Astro Theology movement. Our space brothers from distant planets also understand the choice of goodness over evil. It is wrong to kill fellow sentient beings for food for they, like us, holographically hold the entire universe within their life forces and thus must be honored.

Plants also are sentient on a different level of experience, for they hold a different role in our holographic universe. Their wisdom is purely Yin in nature and thus they are completely responsive to the divinity of this universe, growing in the direction of sunlight, blossoming seasonally and responsive to the lunar cycles, planetary retrogradations and solar flare cycles. Plants are not a Yang expression of direct creational involvement in the evolution of consciousness within the matrix of this multiverse holographic program, and so, although they must be revered for they are living, they may be harvested for food. The intimacy of consuming plants for food brings us as human Earthlings deeper into the mystery of sunlight, seasons, planetary rotation, lunar presence and nature in general. In this way plants are the high priests of the Vegan Astro Theology movement and the same can be said of minerals.

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    Posted by Flowforger at 06/18/17 01:06:41

    The story of something incomprehensible to any human mind:

    From the unknown an affect came, it altered the 7th dimensional plane (going by prime numbers or 4th spatial dimension if the pattern doesnt match) and through the dragons dancing the black holes around them caused an alteration in the deeper energy states than we can observe even with our extended ability to sense.
    The suns affected and powered to an extent by the deeper than light caused a single molecule to alter the predicted result of a solar flare 10.000 (deeper than light) years away resulting in an exchange of cosmic radiation, a communicative infrastructure akin that through which you are reading this resulting in a specific fusion in our sun. The result is 10.000 rays, a few resulting from the sun striking a particular plant at one time. From here the plant spread its seed and after a few million years a particular mutation occured across a wide range of genomes causing a ripple effect.

    Was this how the dinosaurs ended and man came to be? Or is it simply the hands which brought you your aubergine that resulted from this?

    Regardless. I could not comprehend this before I left medicine produced through experimentation to not partake in such a horror. To think if it actually worked to use such a method to heal a population!

    We are survivors. The containers of genomes that carry my ancestral knowledge activating a particular sequence of our monkey-ancestors social structures would not be carried on if I fell to religion and chose monkhood (except tech monk + sex monk = sextech monk =} such a waste all those whose knowledge we have lost to the factories of enlightenment called monastaries. Would you trust the latter? 2/3 may be.

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    Posted by Flowforger at 06/18/17 01:07:32

    I forgot:
    Astrology systems are typically attempts at illusion control. Its not so nice.

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    Posted by Flowforger at 06/18/17 01:07:34

    I forgot:
    Astrology systems are typically attempts at illusion control. Its not so nice.

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    Posted by Flowforger at 06/18/17 01:07:35

    I forgot:
    Astrology systems are typically attempts at illusion control. Its not so nice.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 06/18/17 04:18:55

    "Was this how the dinosaurs ended and man came to be?"

    Actually, when the Draconis and Reptilian alliance of terra-forming space travelers had finished using the female dinosaurs as incubation chambers to replenish their dwindling population levels, they sent a huge composite of space trash that crashed into Earth like a giant meteor to end that level of creation here. They could have done the job more quickly, but there were other jobs on other planets and they also wanted multi generational population regeneration so as to fuse their Draconis and Reptilian race into a new super species.

    "Astrology systems are typically attempts at illusion control. Its not so nice."

    True astrology is not involved in niceness technology. It simply explains life cycles and reveals truth.

    Illusion control is a necessary function of deepening illusion application to sustain proportion, method and relevance within the illusion matrix.

    Do not be afraid of control, Max and 99 work there with Chief.

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    Posted by Flowforger at 06/18/17 10:33:47

    Illusion matrix; sounds like a web of manipulation. The burden is ever growing and it takes more than it gives even if it creates the illusion of being beneficial.

    Disrespect for perception is not healthy.

    Fantasy models and metaphoric work however is awesome!

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 06/19/17 05:27:47

    Things are not always as they sound.

    There is no disrespect, fantasy nor metaphor here.

    You seem sure that there is manipulation and a problem with control; these are your assumptions and therefore they are your perceptual basis.

    Disrespect has come from these assumptions and although it can be a source of ill health, it does not need to go that far.

    My advice; interpolating bias is an outsource of misinterpretation. Return to the topic and stop judging what is not yet understood.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 06/19/17 21:22:00

    Flowforger is introducing absurd and judgemental platitudes.

    This discussion is not about his fantasy and his opinion about how things are written. I do not think Flowforger fully understands the topic, he most certainly does not understand astrology. He is creating a mockery.

    I have tried to relate with him on his own level, but it only distracts from Vegan Astro Theology, the topic which he never once directly addressed.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 06/20/17 15:49:47

    I apologize for mentioning the non Vegan act of driving the Dinosaurs into extinction by space aliens even if the space debris they were jettisoning to Earth was vegan. To my understanding, the space refuse they used was mostly old irreparable space ships and old failing structures and construction debris from other planets and moons in our solar system that were being replaced with new buildings.

    Also, astrology by contrast, as far as I can tell, is not only a noble study fusing math, science, history, philosophy and myth, but it also appears to be a vegan practice as long as one does not draw their astrology charts with ink quills and does not use animal derived parchment paper. To ensure that Astrology remains a vegan discipline, I feel it is best to refer to it always as Vegan Astrology.

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