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Hi, I'm looking to find a group of people of like-minded people who are interested in new and old age spirituality and who also happen to be vegetarian.

We are not in your face about being veggie, we're just tired of being the only ones who think misusing power over animals is wrong, and far from spiritual enlightenment.

This is a group for people interested in the new age, shamanism, 2012, reiki, paganism, angels etc. etc. who want to live thier beliefs and who also know that animals are our equals (and often our betters).

Any one else think like this?

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    Posted by GiuliaMauri at 10/21/12 08:14:13

    Hi New Age Vegetarian

    I understand that this is a very old post, but should you be looking for people interested in spirituality still, here I am! :D

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