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She was born inside a distant cage in a free speech zone at another political event. Crammed in with a rock band, protest signs, protesters, and megaphones, no one saw her nor how she arrived. There was a small crack in the ground that was intermittently covered by dancing and rushing souls and heels. When the convention was over, there she grew in germination. Later there would be sacred life, the smallest and most fragile blossoms of the tiniest sprig of chamomile, the herbal medicine that helps digest such political repression. She is an activist with an unending voice always standing for her rights.

She does not need to change the world, she is the world. She does not need to rule the Earth, she is the Earth. In one instant she is a vegan feminist atheist who will let no patriarchal God come between her and the uncountable number of children she has birthed in the tide of their own Karmic dilemmas. In another instant, she is an orthodox theist because she creates the interdependent union of all things as she sits gloriously upon her throne of stars and space. She does not seek parity with men, for to do so would mean to give up too much of her power. In another instant, she is a simple little girl singing as she skips slowly, almost dancing through a blossoming field with a wooden stick in her hand and flowers in her hair.

She has healed us with her herbs, she has fought us with her wars, she has fed and clothed us, given us music and dance, she gives us light and dark and then tells us that a man did it all. She occupies distant planets, she is a deer sipping gently at a waterfall basin, she opens our hearts with another of her beautiful sunsets and yet somehow, she is busy and unreachable.

She is illusion and yet she somehow is trapped partially in her own game. She is here to learn manners, kindness and to let her gentleness topple the greatest of bastion walls. She must lose her vanity because not all her makeup is vegan and some is still animal tested. She is the mountain we must climb, and when we have accomplished this task, she laughs and shows us a thousand more mountains that we must continue towards to help figure out her complexity.

Despite all this, she wants more money. She feels she has earned it. She feels ignored. She wants to power share. Has she truly felt unworthiness yet in her cheap discount department store attire? She wants to rise to political power and when she finally gets it, she only finds her children and husband ignored. There is no one to make our peanut butter sandwiches, she has appointments.

When she is with her lady friends, they all talk at once in high shrills at a fast pace that no man can decipher. When she is with men it is for gain. When she is with family she is a tyrant. When she is alone, she lets life continue without her even though it is her and she thinks constantly of us all. She needs discipline but she has mocked the Buddha, a role for men only, so her quest is never fulfilled. She thinks she knows everything so her family conspires behind her back. She will not rest until she is completely in charge and this is what everyone is afraid of, except the most faithful of her devotees. It makes her untrustworthy, this power grab she created, we just want her to be more peaceful and loving and polite as she erupts into another volcano.

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