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I have traveled half way around the Earth just to visit a tree, not just any tree, but the Bodhi Tree; a source of great enlightenment. I have lived in California in the Oaks near the Mexico border and moved to the Oregon border just to be in what is left of the Redwood Forests. I have moved to Yucca Valley to live in the Joshua Trees and I consider my trip to the Hoh primary growth rain forest of Olympia Washington to be one of the greatest adventures of my life. Once when I was in Hawaii I met a Kahuna and we spent the day making Ti Leaf Leis to place around trees on the Island. At one of my favorite Hindu monasteries near where I live there is an ocean rock necklace of stones with natural holes in them threaded by wire and wrapped around a branch of a sacred tree. I also have been fortunate enough to see not just the tallest trees on Earth, the California Redwoods, but I saw the oldest living thing on Earth, the California Bristlecone Pine Trees.

I am not alone. Vegan Buddha was born under a Bo Tree, was enlightened under a Pipal (Ficus Religiosa) Tree and passed on into Parinirvana under two Sala trees. Vegan Adam and Vegan Eve had two important trees in the Garden of Eden, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the Tree of Life. In ancient Sumer, Vegan Enki was the Vegan God who was portrayed alongside two trees representing the male and female aspects of nature while Vegan Inanna was often symbolized as Date Palms when she wasn’t seen as Cedar Tree, the Sycamore Fig Tree, the Apple Tree or the Olive Tree. In ancient Egypt, the body of the murdered Vegan Osiris was sheltered by a tree. In ancient Greek and Roman mythology people and Vegan Goddesses often became trees. Vegan Krishna as a child released trapped spirits of people inside of trees, and, to this day many Hindu Temples have colored yarns and threads wrapping trees from encircling believers.

The Jain do not touch trees. They explain that there are many differing types of beings on the Earth. Some have only one sense, some two, some three, some four and some five. Birds see with infrared vision which humans cannot do and flies see with multi-faceted vision which also is beyond human capacity. Trees have only one sense, the sense of touch. Trees know the touch of birds and small animals, but humans are a frightening experience because they do not know if the humans will cut them down or hurt them. To not inspire fear in the trees, Jain people do not touch the trees but they will collect the fallen bark from trees that separates naturally. It is this naturally fallen bark that they pulp and use as the paper for the writing of their sacred Scriptures the Agamas.

Modern tree technology is amazing. To prevent world hunger, a tree species was created that grafts 40 types of fruit trees into one tree. It is truly amazing to see this tree bloom so many different colors which can be seen on YouTube. It is called, of course, the Tree of Forty Fruit. Another miracle is the modern use of the Indian Moringa Tree to end world hunger. It is amazing how nutritious the leaves are from the Moringa Tree.

And then, of course, there is the timeless African Fig Tree which is the source of all life in Africa eternally, from ancient times to modern times. There are ancient Olive Trees that saw the ancient Greeks and are still alive. There are ancient Tea shrubs in China that have over the many years grown into trees. There are the Rhododendron Forests of Dharamsala where flowering Rhododendron Trees thrive where the Dalai Lama lives which I have seen. So many trees provide medicine, food, beauty, shade, bird songs and peace.

Tree worship has been practiced all around the world, but how many people do trees right? So many have done trees wrong. There have been foolish ancient cults that made animal and human sacrifices to trees. There are very foolish people who think they own the trees and can cut them down in clear cuts. There are even more foolish people that make no use of the Rain Forests and burn them and the animals that live there to ash.

Find a tree. Do not touch it. Walk in circles around it with prayer beads and do your Mantras and prayers. Do this regularly so that the tree and the birds and animals recognize you. When the tree is ready to let you sit beneath it, it will let you know. Do not touch the roots of the tree when you sit. Suddenly this tree is your temple. Trees are perfect temples where one may practice their Vegan Tantra and Vegan Religion. This is a proper way to discover the Vegan Tree of Life.

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    I almost forgot. I have also gathered fallen Pinion Pine Nuts for eating on the Navajo Indian Reservation at Canyon de Chelly amid the ancient ruins with Dineh people. It was really hard work. We rested afterwards inside their hogan next to the Franklin Stove. The Pinion Trees and Junipers were amazing.

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