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The Great Medicine Wheel of the Vegan People is pure and strong.

The Circle is the universal symbol for all of creation. The Wheel or the Circle represents the living, the dead, those that are not yet born, the heavens, the hells, every dimension, every planet and every moment and every period of all time. All people are welcome at the Great Vegan Circle, all animals and spirits also are also welcomed to experience communion with all of creation and to celebrate the corrected path of life that heals our hearts and souls in this life and every incarnation.

Traditionally the Four directions of North, East, South and West are demarcations of the Wheel. Every tribe, family, nation and individual must find the truth of their Four Direction Colors. The Tibetans have their colors, every Native First People of North America have theirs each different for every tribe, even the Chinese Buddhist have theirs. The Buddha divided the Wheel further into eight directions and even ten directions. Astrology divides the Wheel into twelve directions. The Tao is divided into many directional circles but is best known as the two of Yin and Yang. The Kiowa people of North America have a three-pointed circle and the Hopi and Jews have six.

The Vegan Medicine Wheel is not of one people nor one race but is composed of all people and all races, all languages and all religions and all cultures that are living and sharing within a vegan context.

The Vegan Medicine Wheel is divided into eight Earthly directions, and two spirit directions adding up to ten directions. The Vegan Medicine Wheel has the same colors as the vegetarian Chinese Buddhists and the North Stone Jicarilla Indians of the following:

White in the North, Red in the South, Black in the West, and Yellow in the East. Green in the South is for our herbivore brothers and sisters, yet, the Vegan Medicine Wheel can oscillate with forest Green in the South during certain medicine practices.

There is no center to the Vegan Medicine Wheel, it is non-locality in its poetry of existence so that it is found everywhere and in everyone’s heart. The two spirit directions are above which is found at the North gate representing the heavens, and below which is found at the South gate representing the land of our ancestors, the interim ‘Bardo’ states, The astral planes and the hells.

The South represents the silent seeker who is a selfless wanderer, the West is the woman who births life through her suffering, the East is the child who enlightens us with its innocence and trusting while the North is the wise old one who keeps the knowledge of all truth.

From our Vegan Medicine Circle there are Vegan Corn Dances, Vegan Hemp Dances, Vegan Fruitarian Dances, Vegan Raw Food Dances, Vegan Herbal Medicine Dances, Vegan Flower Dances, Vegan Nut Dances and many other cultural and dietary celebrations. At our gatherings, there are no animal products to be found. Even our drums and shoes are vegan. It is the true cornucopia, the true fountain of life, the true Elysium Fields and the true path to begin all spiritual endeavors. The Vegan Medicine Wheel is the true way of living for all people upon this great Planet Earth.

Please join us at the Great Vegan Medicine Wheel, all are welcome.

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